Rush Limbaugh: “I Did Not Turn On Trump”

Limbaugh Backtracks On Statements Critical Of Donald Trump

Radio host Rush Limbaugh lashed out at a MSNBC report claiming he turned on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump over critical remarks Trump made regarding fellow candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX). Limbaugh insisted that he “did not throw Trump under the bus,” arguing that he only “raise[d] a question about the way Trump went after Cruz.” From the December 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: So I just got a flash note from Cookie, who is monitoring all of the cables news networks out there as we scour constantly for intriguing audio sound bites. She says -- MSNBC cannot stop reporting that you turned on Trump today. Can I tell you all something confidentially? I don't want you to tell anybody. It's just between us. If you tell anybody, I guarantee, I'll hear about it. The media they think I have the ability to make or break any of these candidates. They can't. They think I have the moral authority. Now don't tell anybody I said this because I don't want them to think that I know this. Well no, they're not listening here. They're not going to listen about this Snerdley. They never listen here. If MSNBC doesn't tell them I said they'll never know. Or Media Matters or whatever. But they've been waiting. They've been waiting. They've been hoping. They hate Trump and they've been hoping -- and they think only I can do it. So they think that my question -- I did not throw Trump under the bus today. I did not -- what does it say here -- turn on Trump. I haven't turned on anybody. I haven't thrown anybody away. I haven't announced support for anybody. All I did was raise a question about the way Trump went after Cruz. That's all I did. And I said it disappointed me a little bit because it sounded like the same kind of criticism we would get from the establishment Republicans which Trump is running against. So if you hear somebody say -- if you're out there on social media and they say “Limbaugh turned on Trump.” You know have it from the horse's mouth that I didn't. And if you've been listening you know that I didn't. But so eager are they for somebody that they know has the credibility and the moral authority to do it, that they're hoping -- they want the world to think that I did because whether I did or didn't they think reporting it will equate. 


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