Rush Limbaugh Gets His Satire From Racist, Sexist Blog

Rush Limbaugh took material for his radio program from “satire” blog Diversity Chronicles, a website with strong undertones of white supremacy and misogyny which Rush described as “a website that does satire on how white men are blamed for everything.” 

On the November 26 edition of his show, Limbaugh highlighted a story about a controversial professor who allegedly advised his white, male students to commit suicide. After returning from a commercial break, Rush clarified that the story was a satire piece from the website Diversity Chronicle, a satirical blog which, according to Limbaugh, is “actually pretty funny.” He then began to read from another Diversity Chronicle post mocking the notion of marital rape:  

LIMBAUGH: That's why this outfit called Diversity Chronicle -- which is a satire website. They're actually very funny -- That's why they created the satire about the guy. Because there's a basis -- you know all good comedy has truth in it. That's what makes great comedy funny, is that there're elements of truth in it.

For example, this Diversity Chronicle website right now is running a piece, 'Brave Woman Comes Forward To Denounce Former Husband's Repeated Rapes.' 'After several years of silence a brave and heroic thirty eight year old woman has come forward to denounce her former husband's repeated rapes over the course of their marriage. Despite her numerous appeals, local law enforcement however refuses to treat her allegations seriously. These sexist, male-chauvinist, largely white male officers actually state that by her own account she was not 'legally raped.'"

Rush choked up with laughter as he read the line describing the officers, who did not take allegations of marital rape seriously, as “sexist, male-chauvinist[s].” He then said of the site, “It is a website that does satire on how white men are blamed for everything.”

The Diversity Chronicle blog describes itself as “a News web site focusing on news events relating to diversity of all kinds,” but a disclaimer claims “the original content on this blog is largely satirical.”

A scan of the list of blogs Diversity Chronicle recommends reveals a number of “white nationalist” blogs, including American Renaissance (, a white supremacist think tank.  The site also recommends various articles with titles such as “Pedophilia More Common Among 'Gays'” and “Virgin Brides Less Likely To Divorce.” Under a section labeled “Eugenics,” Diversity Chronicles links a website supporting "humanitarian eugenics."  The “Institute for Historical Review,” which deals largely in anti-Semitism and Holocaust-denial, is also in the list of recommended websites.

The fact that Limbaugh finds humor in such a satire site is not all that surprising, given his extensive history of racist and sexist comments.