Rush Limbaugh: Democrats On Benghazi Committee Will Praise Hillary Clinton At Her Testimony “For Her Cervix”

Limbaugh: “It's The Reason She's Running. To Be The First Woman. So They're Going To Praise Her Cervix. What Else Is There?”

From the October 19 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: It's probably going to be as much of a showdown as the House hearing on Planned Parenthood was. How many of you were expecting fireworks on that? Raise your hand. Practically all of you. How many of you have been expecting fireworks on Hillary's email stories and haven't seen anything to show for it? How many of you expected to see fireworks when Lois Lerner was brought before the House on the IRS? And John Koskinen, the IRS director -- just ask, how many times have you been lead to believe that whatever's going to happen before some Senate or House committee, it's going to be big, and nothing has happened? So intelligence guided by experience tells us that we are being set up once again for the same nothing to happen on Thursday. It is going to be a giant nothing burger. The Democrats will waste as must time as possible praising Hillary for her cervix. Yes I meant that. You think I meant to say service, right? No, they're going to praise her for being a woman. It's a big deal now. She's a victim. It's the reason she's running. To be the first woman. So they're going to praise her cervix. What else is there? When you're talking about that to praise. They can't mention the wig. So they'll praise her -- okay, okay, I'll say service. Just to smooth it over. 


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