Rush Limbaugh Defends Trump's Endorsement Of Waterboarding: “There Is No Political Correctness In War”

Limbaugh Suggests Waterboarding Is In Line With How “A Majority Of Americans In This Country Define Patriotism”

From the November 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now, this next question is so predictable and it's classic. George Stephanopoulos, little George, wants to find out from [Donald] Trump what he thinks of waterboarding. This is right out of the anti-George Bush, Democrat Party playbook. This is borne of the belief that every American is appalled that we would ever engage in any kind of enhanced interrogation technique. This is rooted in the belief that all Americans are sickened by interrogation techniques engaged in by the United States during the Bush administration. And because they think everybody is sickened by it, they now ask Trump if he supports -- has waterboarding come up in this campaign? Just let me ask you. It's like when Stephanopoulos asked [Mitt] Romney about contraception. It wasn't even -- it wasn't in anybody's rearview mirror, it wasn't anybody's down the road in the future. It was just nothing. And now here comes waterboarding. Out of the blue, out of nowhere. It's a set up, it's designed for Trump to fall into a trap, so they can then start doing to Trump what they think they succeeded in doing to Bush, making him pro-torture, mean, un-American. I'm fascinated the way the libs define un-American, by the way. I'm really fascinated [by] that. 


LIMBAUGH: I guarantee you, from Media Matters and the Daily Kos to every pajama-clad, left-wing lunatic out there, there'd just be -- oh my god, well he just came out for torture. [INAUDIBLE] And they're scared now. They're scared Trump's going to waterboard. And they're opposed, and they just can't -- they thought they'd done away with this, and Trump's just unapologetic. He didn't hem haw around. And so the media, Trump's pro-waterboarding, hasn't hurt. Note the way he framed it, it's peanuts compared to what they do to us. What's missing in questions like this, Stephanopoulos and his liberal buddies ask is, they have no idea what the majority of the American people think about how to deal with people trying to destroy this country. Most people think the purpose of war is to kill people and break things better than the other side does to the point they surrender. This is not patty-cake, there is no political correctness in war. And these guys, Stephanopoulos, do not get it. They think these are home run questions, they cannot understand Trump's answer helping him, because they do not understand the majority of the American people and they do not understand the way a majority of Americans in this country define patriotism. That is a huge divide between Democrats and liberals and normal people, particularly in the media.


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