Rush Limbaugh Defends Ted Cruz From Fox News' Criticism Of His Immigration Dishonesty

From the December 17 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: So the effort to defeat the Gang of Eight [comprehensive immigration reform] bill was to expose to as many people as possible that the real purpose of the Gang of Eight was not legalization, but the path to citizenship. And this is where Cruz enters the picture here. Ted Cruz proposed a series of amendments in committee that were intended to make sure that the legislation did not end up being a path to citizenship and people involved in this didn't want to admit that that's what was going on here. A lot of people who supported the Gang of Eight bill did not want to admit that it contained a path to citizenship. Republicans and Democrats. I mean it was total deceit here that was underway. The proponents of the bill were trying to hide behind it, all it was was legalization -- humanitarian, compassionate legalization. They wanted to make sure nobody knew, or as very few people as possible knew that it contained a path to citizenship. Because path to citizenship equals right to vote. Now one of the amendments that Ted Cruz proposed, stripped out the path to citizenship portion of the bill, but it left the legalization part in. And that has opened the door for opponents of Cruz to say he voted for legalization. And Cruz is saying, no I didn't vote for legalization, I did vote, but I was voting to keep citizenship out of it. I was voting, I put my amendment in to expose the path to citizenship. And Fox News thinks that they have caught Cruz in a lie, because they think that he's been caught saying that he was one thing in 2013 and another thing in the debate on Tuesday night. Cruz's intention was to make sure the proponents of the Gang of Eight ended up voting against it because there's no -- you have the equivalent here, Ted Cruz's amendment was the equivalent of saying, hey I'll support this, but they can't vote for 25 years.


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