Rush Limbaugh Defends The Koch Brothers: They “Haven't Done Diddly Squat”

Limbaugh: “The Koch Brothers Haven't Done Diddly Squat Because They Can't, They're Not In Government”

From the February 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: That's exactly how this country was portrayed last night, and the previous debate, and every other Democrat debate or every Democrat campaign appearance. This place is portrayed as Hell on earth, brought to you by George W. Bush, the Republicans and the Iraq War, in the modern incarnation. The America they want to save us from, the America from which they want to liberate us, is not George W. Bush's. It's Barack Obama's. But they don't ever say that. They blame the Koch brothers. Nobody knows who the Koch Brothers are. The Koch Brothers can't do, don't do diddly -- the Koch brothers never enforced a regulation on anyone, the Koch brothers never raised anybody's taxes. The Koch brothers never sent anybody's kids off to war. The Koch brothers haven't done diddly squat because they can't, they're not in government. Government does all of this.


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