Rush Limbaugh: “The deep state” may have faked Saddam WMD evidence to “damage” George W. Bush

From the January 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Speaking of the intelligence agencies -- I'm sure some of you have already thought of this, but it just hit me a few days ago. For some reason, I was thinking about the war in Iraq. You remember what the intelligence agencies were telling us in the war in Iraq? You remember what they were telling us?

There was detail, there were photos, there was conclusive evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. And it wasn't just U.S. intel[ligence] -- it was MI5, MI6, it was intelligence agencies all over the world. George W. Bush kept quoting them. George W. Bush kept citing them. George W. Bush sent Colin Powell to the U.N. with the so-called “evidence,” and Colin Powell had to present it to [UN] Security Council. There were photos, and all of these bits of proof that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

Colin Powell now says that's the most embarrassing period in his life, because it turns out none of it was true. And, remember the immediate aftermath? Everybody: “Wow, man, how could they have gotten it so wrong? Man, they said” -- and the story we got was that Saddam himself was to blame because he was leading everybody on, he wanted the world to think that he was the biggest Arab in the Middle East. He was the giant that was going to slay the United States, so he furthered the belief, he helped it along.

Sorry, that doesn't wash with me. OK, so the guy says he's got them. That's your basis for believing it? What if -- just, what if -- remember, they all thought [Al] Gore had won that election until the Supreme Court came along and stole it, for Bush. This is what they thought.

The Democrat Party is the Washington establishment, and the Washington establishment believes that Gore won the presidency, that the Florida recount aftermath was bogus and rigged, that James Baker did a better job than the Democrat people did in finding votes, the hanging chads. What if the intel on the war in Iraq was another disinformation campaign, to damage another Republican president? And boy, did that work.


What if the quote-unquote “intelligence community” misrepresented, on purpose, the degree to which Hussein had WMDs? Because I'll tell you it was a very, very embarrassing moment for the Bush administration.


What if, based on what we know now, we know how the deep state has been trying to undermine Donald Trump since the days he was a candidate, to during his transition, to even it's ongoing now as president? We're learning of Strzok and the FBI and the Hillary [Clinton] opposition research dossier that ends up becoming fodder for a warrant at the FISA court to spy on Trump.

So, we know the deep state can mobilize if they want to, and they can create false narratives that everybody in the media believes. They even had the Republican party for a year believing that Trump had conspired with Russia maybe to steal the election.

What if Saddam weapons of mass destruction was also a false narrative designed to -- what, did it ultimately embarrass Bush? Did it weaken the US military? Did it -- whatever it did, I mean, it opened the doors for the Democrats to literally destroy his presidency in the second term, which is what they did.


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