Rush Limbaugh: Covington Catholic kids are “the epitome” of what “used to be defined as 'normal' in America”

Limbaugh: “Normalcy is what led to people improving their lives. Those were the people that got hired, those were the people that got promoted because they were reliable; they were trustworthy.”

From the January 23 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): If you go into a story like the Covington kid story, and you see this kid smirking in your mind and smiling, and then it triggers -- wearing a MAGA hat, it triggers everything that you hate about America. ... You hate white people. You hate what you think is white privilege. You hate everything that has, for decades, defined “normal” in America, you hate it. You're a left-wing journalist, you're a left-wing activist, you're a minority, you're a feminazi. Well, you hate everything that used to be defined as “normal” in America. 


You hate anything that used to be the definition of “normal” and “well-adjusted” and “happy” and “content.” And you resent all of that because that normalcy is what led to people improving their lives. Those were the people that got hired, those were the people that got promoted because they were reliable; they were trustworthy. 


If you want to go back even further, you can say that the civil rights movement was related to it in a way, but it has totally become the objective of the left to overthrow everything that used to be considered “normal” in America. 

These kids are the epitome -- the Covington kids are the epitome of what used to be “normal.” They're smiling, they're happy, they're in Washington celebrating life, not abortion. They are Catholics, that's not good. They're wearing Trump hats, that's the big trigger. And then, of course, they're confronted by two groups who have never been considered normal, the Native American radicals, and the Black [Hebrew] Israelite radicals. And who does the media side with instinctively? The Native American lying Indian chief, and, over here, the Black [Hebrew] Israelites. Why? Because, they're not normal, America's never allowed them to normal. They've always been minorities, they've always been radical. 

Well, they're not normal as it used to be defined in America, so they naturally become the objects of sympathy and support from the media, and the kids become the diabolical enemy because they represent normal that these other people don't think they can ever achieve. Really, I don't think all of this, any of this is any more complicated than trying to redefine what “normal” is in America because of the deep resentment for what was normal.

So, we now have the media championing a bunch of ragtag Black [Hebrew] Israelite profane protesters doing whatever the hell that isn't any good for anybody, and then, by the same token, it's natural that they would side with the minority, the Native Americans, because, after all, before any of what used to become normal in America could happen, we had to kick the Indians out of their tepees and put them on reservations. So we are evil, S.O.B. Europeans, and these kids are the focal point of all of this rage and hatred, and the objective of the culture war is to render them, and their families, and their stupid school, and their Catholic Church as the racist bigots that we know they are because we resent the hell out of the fact that that's what used to be normal in America. It's never going to be. We're going to redefine, we're going to reshape, we're going to reorient America so that those people never, ever get to run this place again. They're going to find out what it's like to be a minority. 


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