Rush Limbaugh: “This Country Has Never, Ever Just Opened The Doors To Anyone On The Basis Of Humanity Or Compassion”

Limbaugh Defends Accepting Only Christian Refugees: “There Are Religious Tests And Requirements Throughout” US Law

From the November 18 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: There are religious tests and requirements throughout United States law. President Obama doesn't know what's he's talking about. President Obama is pontificating from liberal feel-good bromides. He's projecting bigotry and racism and all these other things because he is a leftist radical and assumes that everybody opposing him is a bigot, a racist, or what have you. And he dares to tell some of the most devout and religious people in this country that they are bigots and unqualified, and that they are shameful.

This country has a record for looking out for itself. This country has statute after statute, historical event after historical event, precedent after precedent. This country has never, ever just opened the doors to anyone on the basis of humanity or compassion and said come on in, never. Another first brought to us by Obama. That's what he now wants to do, while claiming that people opposed to it are a new kind of American, despicable, racist ... all of these negatives that they attach to. Neanderthals is the impression Obama is trying to leave.

So, the law requires a religious test. And the reason for the religious test is obvious. Asylum law is not a reflection of the incumbent president's personal sense of compassion, no matter who that president is. We do not base any of this law on compassion.


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