Rush Limbaugh conspiracy theory: “Leftists” are soliciting retired generals to possibly “lead a rebellion”

Limbaugh: “I have no evidence, by the way; I will openly state I am just speculating using intelligence guided by experience.”

From the July 25 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: A coup is moving in there and ridding the government of the guy. A coup is moving in there and taking the guy out. That's why many coups actually occur with the military -- you need a show of force behind it. 

And I tell you, I wouldn't doubt -- I've seen enough James Bonds movies, I've seen enough stuff to know that there are people attempting to convince military people -- I think the level of panic about Trump inside the Beltway is beyond what we even think. I think the panic, the outrage, the frustration, the inability to cope, I think it is is way, way, way beyond what even we think based on what we see. I think they are bordering on panic absent any kind of rationality, because this is driven by pure, unadulterated hatred. It's personal hatred, it's professional hatred, it's political hatred. The opposition to Trump is fueled by this hatred, and it's causing them, I believe, to lose elements of their sanity. I think it's causing them to certainly to lose elements of their rationality. So I wouldn't doubt -- I have no evidence, by the way; I will openly state I am just speculating using intelligence guided by experience -- that these people are so far gone over what's happened here to their precious town, to their precious power base, to their precious control of things, that I wouldn't doubt if a couple of them are making phone calls to retired generals, who still get up and put the uniform on every day even though they are retired, and soliciting their assistance should it ever become necessary, of course, to lead a rebellion. I don't have any evidence of it, none whatsoever. As I say, intelligence guided by experience. But clearly there is an uncontrolled rage and an irrationality in the anti-Trump forces, on the left primarily. 


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