Rush Limbaugh Closes First Hour With Dead Air

Rush Limbaugh closed the first hour of his radio show on his flagship station, WABC, with 1:03 of dead air on Thursday.

From WABC's online feed of the final commercial break of the first hour:

While advertisers have fled Limbaugh's show since his misogynistic attacks on Sandra Fluke, the first hour of every show since those attacks aired on March 1 has concluded with at least one ad leading into an ABC News break at the top of the second hour. On Wednesday, the first hour concluded with an ad from Matrix Direct, which has told radio stations to stop airing its ads during The Rush Limbaugh Show.

At least 46 advertisers have reportedly dropped their ads from Limbaugh's radio show since his attacks on Fluke.

UPDATE: Similarly, during the commercial break that led into the show, there was 2:38 of dead air:

It's unclear why nothing could be heard during these periods of the broadcast.