Rush Limbaugh claims the NRA “probably works harder than anybody to prevent” mass shootings

Limbaugh: “There is no more gun safety-oriented group than the NRA. But, the NRA is not in charge of how people behave”

From the October 3 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): The NRA had nothing to do with this. You could have gotten rid of the NRA 25 years ago, this would have still happened. The NRA has no linkage to this whatsoever. There is not a law that you could pass that would stop this guy from doing what he did. He already broke existing laws, including murder laws, to do what he did. But let's get to the point that the reason this happened is the NRA owns the Republicans.

There was a typical know-it-all tweet from a guy named Kyle Griffin -- I don't know who he is, but I'm going to use his tweet. Here's what he said -- I'm sorry, he's an MSNBC producer, so he's another cliche leftist Democrat. Since 1998, he says, “the NRA has donated $3,555,000 to current members of Congress, find out who has received the donations.” That has nothing to do with anything. It has nothing to do with this event. If no money had been given by the NRA, it does not have a thing to do with whether this event would have happened. But that's not the way to deal with this, the way to deal with this is to respond this way: That's all you've got? That since 1998, the NRA has donated $3.5 million to members of Congress? How about the fact that since 1998, labor unions have donated over $700 million to the Democrat[ic] Party in the same time period? “Well, that doesn't mean” -- Exactly, it doesn't mean anything. “Well, the labor unions, I mean they're not shooting” -- No, you're missing the point. If you're gonna blame financial donations and contributions by the NRA for impacting American life, then you had better be prepared to agree that twice as much money donated by big labor to Democrats has the same kind of impact. “It doesn't get people killed, it doesn't put guns into” -- Not the point, not the point. You're trying to point out here that all of this money is itself corrupting, well if that's true, then you guys have twice the problem. But none of this -- I that doubt Kyle Griffin even understands how he's had his tweet rammed right back down his throat. Because in his world there is nothing wrong with labor unions, there's nothing wrong with labor unions giving money to Democrats. The NRA is a standalone.

The NRA doesn't advocate for events like this. The NRA doesn't -- In fact, the NRA probably works harder than anybody to prevent events like this. “What do you mean, that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you can't say that” -- I just did say it and it's true. There is no more gun safety-oriented group than the NRA. But, the NRA is not in charge of how people behave. But I don't know what else you want. Every law on the books was already violated by this guy, including murder. Meaning no law stopped him. You could -- You could confiscate every gun. Well you actually couldn't do that, but let's say you could. Let's say you could confiscate every gun that you know exists. You could pass a Constitutional amendment, you could make it illegal, and you could get every gun. This guy would still find a way to get the guns he got and use them.


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