Rush Limbaugh: Charlie Rose's co-hosts may have known about -- and hid -- his sexual misconduct

Limbaugh: “They claim they didn't know. How can that be? They're journalists.”

From the November 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Today on the CBS early morning show, whatever they call it -- Today show competitor -- you had Gayle King on. We’ve got audio coming up. You had Gayle King on there and Norah O'Donnell [pretends to cry] and they're crying and they're wringing their hands. It’s all so terrible. Oh my god. [end mock crying]

And they're apologizing to everybody. You telling me they didn't know? They claim they didn't know. How can that be? They're journalists. They're supposed to be curious. How can they not know? If they didn't, fine. If they did know and decided, “We can't do anything with this. Charlie's our guy, he’s on our show here. He's one of us. Got to protect us and so forth.” But if they did know, what does it say about the phony tears today? If they knew, their tears were phony.


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