Rush Limbaugh attacks immigrants: “We have now imported the third world ... and they have not assimilated” 

Limbaugh: Immigrants “don't know socialism or communism, they just know poverty ... Democrats are offering the opposite of poverty.”

From the March 12 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): In 1992, 90 percent of the electorate was white, the rest were African Americans. There weren't enough Hispanics to show up in the exit polls. Now, I'm telling you, this puts into focus how drastically they have changed -- the Democrats -- how drastically they have changed the country through immigration and how quickly they have done it. It also means -- the Democrat party of Clinton cannot exist with the Democrat base of today. The Democrat base today is so different from Clinton's years, back then it was white working class, it was blue-collar, it was practically 95 percent of the African American population. That Democrat base, when you hear people say this is not your dad's Democrat party, this is exactly what it means. 

We have now imported the third world. The Democrat party has imported the third world into this country and they have not assimilated and this is why the Democrat party is now demanding third world policies. The Democrat party is not forcing all of these people they have enabled entry into this country via illegal immigration, they're not forcing assimilation. They're not encouraging assimilation, they're not even -- and they haven't been encouraging these people to assimilate, become Americans, they don't care. They just want bodies with a “D” next to their name on a voter registration roll. So they've imported the third world, and I don't mean this in a pejorative sense, I'm talking to you in a politically analytical sense, political analytical sense. That's who's coming to the country. Exceptions of course on the legal immigration side, but focusing on the illegal immigration.

We now have a totally different demographic, which everybody knows, but the problem is, they are third world. And so today's Democrat party has to come up with third world policies to appeal to these people as voters. And maybe even, you could say, they don't have to, they just are. Now does anybody find -- in this context, is it odd that you've got a bunch of young millennials running around touting socialism and all these wonderful things? That's the experience these new arrivals, as [Nancy] Pelosi calls them now -- the newcomers, that's their experience. You might say, “yeah, but that's the experience they're fleeing.” Yeah, but they don't know socialism or communism, they just know poverty and so forth. And so the Democrats are offering the opposite of poverty. I mean, that's the point of their message. To me this is striking, and what adds insult to this is that the Republican Party has played a significant role in the invasion of, or the importation of, quote unquote, the third world into the United States via illegal immigration. 


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