Rush: Cubans Aren't “Popular In The Overall Hispanic Group” Because They're Not “As Dark” And Are “Oriented Toward Work”

From the November 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' Rush Limbaugh Show:

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Beginning at 3:08:

CALLER: There's three things basically, for a Hispanic. In the United States, we have different Hispanics; the Cuban, the Mexican, the people that come from South America.

LIMBAUGH: Yeah. You know, I had a sneaking suspicion you were going to go there, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the Cubans are not all that popular, are they?

CALLER: [laughter]

LIMBAUGH: They're not, are they? And why aren't the Cubans popular in the overall Hispanic group?

CALLER: Because, unfortunately for the Hispanic population, they're all different and they all have their different local customs and they're very protective of it.

LIMBAUGH: But isn't it -- Sylvia, isn't there a -- I'll whisper this so nobody else hears, isn't there a racial component to this? The Cubans -- not, you know, I mean --

CALLER: A lot of times, and I'll be very frank and honest with you, knowing all of the markets I know, they're very -- a society that's -- they're very close to their Cuban roots. And I know some of the older-population Cubanos eventually want to go back to Cuba. And they don't want to let it go.

LIMBAUGH: But the Republicans get a large part of the Cuban vote, particularly South Florida, already. And it's oriented -- I can't win here, I just can't win. It's oriented -- the reason that the Cubans are not that popular, of the Hispanic divisions you've talked about -- it's a race thing.

CALLER: Yes, it is.

LIMBAUGH: It's a race thing. They're just not quite dark -- as dark, and they're oriented toward work.

CALLER: No, the thing that we -- and I'm going to say “we,” collectively -- the thing that we all have in common is Spanish. And that is something that -- we're very proud that we can speak a second language. It's helped me in my career.


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