Rush: CNN Reporting On Bill Cosby Rape Allegations Because Cosby Told Blacks To Step Up

From the November 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: It looks like they're trying to destroy Bill Cosby. Apparently a woman has come forward, or came forward some time ago, claiming he raped her, numerous times. And she has been on CNN today repeating the story and CNN has decided to adopt this story and make it the number one cause célèbre of the day. And they've got experts left and right testifying on what it all means and why it happened and what could it mean to Cosby's reputation. But it's not just...Okay, reported, woman says Cosby raped her, they've got the woman on. It's been all day long. And the headline “Cosby sees online backlash over rape allegation”-- my guess is he's not watching the online allegations, but all these people don't know didly squat about it are up there now commenting and weighing in on it. And I asked myself, what did Bill Cosby ever do to tick off some producer at CNN? Or some reporter? Or some assignment? What happened here? And then I had to stop and remember, Bill Cosby has numerous times in the recent past given public lectures in which he has said to one degree or another that black families and communities had better step up and get hold of themselves and not fall prey to the forces of destruction that rip them apart. And basically he started demanding that people start accepting responsibility. And the next thing you know he is the nation's biggest rapist as far as CNN is concerned. (emphasis added)


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