Right-Wing Media Run With “Unreliable” Arkansas Woman's Claims That The Clintons Want Her Dead

Even The National Enquirer Scorned Her In The 1990s

Right-wing media have seized upon Arkansan Sally Miller's baseless claims that Hillary Clinton is plotting to have her killed and that she had an affair with Bill Clinton in the 1980s, who supposedly told her that “Hillary is a lesbian.” Miller's allegations spread through right-wing media websites and Rush Limbaugh's talk radio show after the Drudge Report highlighted an interview detailing Miller's attempt to sell a “tell-all memoir.” Miller's claims were dismissed decades ago by Arkansas media outlets who regarded her as “unreliable,” and even the National Enquirer ridiculed her assertions at the time.

Sally Miller's Claims Were Examined In The 1990s By Press Who Found Her “Unreliable,” Derided By National Enquirer

Miller's Hometown Reporters Found Her “Unreliable” When She First Made Claims In 1990s, “No Major News Outlets Gave Credence To Her Account.” In their 2001 book The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, reporters Joe Conason and Gene Lyons reported that Miller (then known by her married name Sally Miller Perdue) claimed during the 1992 presidential campaign that she had had an affair with Clinton, but that Clinton denied ever having met her and her story was ignored by major news organizations who did not find her credible. From The Hunting of the President:

It was much the same with Sally Miller Perdue, a fifty-three-year-old former Miss Arkansas. Regarded as kooky and unreliable by most reporters in her hometown of Pine Bluff, Perdue had once kicked off a quixotic campaign for mayor with a press conference strenuously denying that she was a lesbian-- a charge nobody present had ever heard. Not long before the Democratic convention, the Clinton campaign learned, Lenora Fulani of the fringe New Alliance Party planned to launch her own presidential candidacy in a joint appearance with Perdue, who would detail what she claimed had been her own passionate love affair with Bill Clinton. The New Alliance Party was a strange, quasi-Marxist group based on Manhattan's Upper West Side, whose members were mostly psychotherapy patients of the party's leaders. (Eventually it dissolved into another group that was simultaneously allied to Louis Farrakhan and H. Ross Perot.) Behind the scenes, [notorious anti-Clinton smear merchants Larry] Nichols and [Larry] Case had helped broker the deal between Perdue and the eccentric New York activists. In their phone conversations, the two Arkansans had a derisive nickname for the New Alliance Party: “the Snake Doctors.”

Clinton denied ever having met Sally Perdue. Assisted by Wright, the [Carl] Palladino [private investigation] firm lined up several relatives and former associates who agreed to talk to reporters about the woman's eccentricities. The tactic succeeded. Although Perdue made an appearance on the nationally syndicated Sally Jessy Raphael TV program, no major news organization gave credence to her account.

The National Enquirer, of all papers, derided Perdue's tale under the headline “WEIRD CULT OUT TO DESTROY CLINTON.” [The Hunting of the President: The Ten-Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton, 2001, (pp.51-2), Kindle Edition]

January: Miller's Claims That The Clintons Might Murder Her Spread To Fringe Media Outlets

January 23: Miller Wrote On Facebook: “In This Election Year, If You Read I Died....By Committing Suicide....Don't Believe It.” On January 23, Miller wrote on Facebook that Hillary Clinton might be plotting to kill her:

Please share. Consider this a warning.
Trust me, no one is safe.

Americans say “Fool me once...shame on you; Fool me twice...shame on me.”

In 1992, my life changed forever. Without warning, I was bombarded with deception from every angle. There were those intent on destroying me....who seemed like regular human beings...who acted friendly, like sincere people but were, as an FBI Agent advised "....only out to get you. Don't trust anyone."

Hilary once said “Bill will only lose this race over my dead body!” Her not so subtle reference to death really meant “over the bodies of anyone/everyone who gets in my way!” It was clear: Hillary was manning the bull-dozer that would clear the way for Bill Clinton to be the next President of the United States. In my case, Hillary's plan was to beat me down so I'd lose everything. Then traumatized, penniless, hopeless, and depressed...I would kill myself.

Timing is everything. Unaware of my crisis -- China threw me a lifeline. I quickly accepted the Chinese Government's offer to teach at their Broadcasting Institute. Within 48 hours, an Air China flight was transporting me to safety in Communist China.

Today, the past is repeating itself, only this time....Hillary is the Clinton, determined to be America's next President. You'd think after so many close-calls in the early-nineties, I would never again let anyone or anything sneak up on me but, over time-- my worst fears vanished; eventually I stopped looking over my shoulder and under the bed but now...the Clintons are back! Hillary is on-stage again...and I fear a repeat performance.

The signs are evident -- I'm being followed. I'm being inundated with Facebook requests from young, handsome men in search of an older woman, and my phone rings with numbers listed as “unknown.” No messages, only more" unknown" phone calls. For no reason, a writer and neighbor who never so much as waved in the 8 years I've lived here... wants to be my friend, visit me, come into my house and share her writing tips. Now, on my early morning visits to the doggie park, men driving trucks with dark windows, stop to ask directions. Recently I watched two men video-taping the area and they laughingly pointed their camera in my direction. Today, looking out my window, I noted two cars driving slowing by my house. In a few minutes they returned to drive past again. The drivers were hidden behind dark windows. True, my house is for sale but in my neighborhood -- two cars driving past my house at the same time -- constitutes a traffic jam. Small signals but, remembering the past with its crazy--and deadly--coincidences, I have every reason to be concerned -- all over again.

The Clinton Camp is using their old Play Book. Why change when their plan-of-intimidation proved successful in the past. Armed with limitless resources and massive teamwork, Hillary is determined to be President. Right now, she considers me a threat because of my writing. She doesn't care if I discuss my affair with Bill -- that's old news. She wants to make certain I don't write about her actions -- how she paid professionals to stalk me, frighten and threaten me, and, ultimately, “finish me off.”

There was a time I contemplated suicide. It's no secret.... after being labeled a Bimbo; being relentlessly attacked by Hillary and her professional henchmen; after losing jobs, all sources of income, and finally having my daughters reject me... I lost the will to live. It was only when I saved the life of my now best friend -- Cubby Dog -- I realized my self-worth.

In this election year, if you read I died....by committing suicide....don't believe it. [Facebook, 1/23/16]

January 25: Infowars.com Posts Article About Miller's Facebook Post. On January 25, Alex Jones' conspiracy theory website Infowars.com wrote about Miller's January 23 Facebook post, noting that Miller “fears the Clinton campaign could attempt to assassinate her and stage it to appear as a suicide”:

One of President Bill Clinton's former mistresses fears the Clinton campaign could attempt to assassinate her and stage it to appear as a suicide.

On Saturday, author and former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, also known as Myra Belle “Sally” Miller or Sally Perdue, posted a message alerting friends that she fears for her life.

“In this election year, if you read I died....by committing suicide....don't believe it,” Miller told friends via a Facebook post. [Infowars.com, 1/25/16]

January 26: The Blaze Reports On Miller's Facebook Post. On January 26, The Blaze reported on the claims in Miller's Facebook post:

She was a former Miss Arkansas (1958) and one of Bill Clinton's alleged mistresses. And over the weekend, she posted a chilling message on Facebook.

“Please share. Consider this a warning,” Sally Miller's post begins. “Trust me, no one is safe.”

Miller allegedly had an affair with Clinton in 1983, while he was still governor of Arkansas. And while the rumors and allegations regarding Clinton's extramarital exploits run rampant, claims of sexual assault or intimidation like those of Juanita Broaddrick have been marginal.

“In 1992, my life changed forever. Without warning, I was bombarded with deception from every angle,” the post read, “There were those intent on destroying me...who seemed like regular human beings...who acted friendly, like sincere people but were, as an FBI Agent advised '...only out to get you. Don't trust anyone.'” [The Blaze, 1/26/16]

January 29: Arkansas Radio Host Doc Washburn Interviews Miller About Her Clinton Conspiracy Theories. Citing Miller's Facebook post, KARN's Doc Washburn interviewed her “about her relation with Clinton...and how she came to think that her life may be in danger.” The interview lasted nearly two hours. [SoundCloud, 1/29/16]

February 16: Miller's Claims Quickly Spread Through Right-Wing Media Following Interview About Her “Tell-All Memoir”

Daily Mail: Miller “Is Preparing To Dish More Secrets” About Clintons “In A Tell-All Memoir.” On February 16, the Daily Mail reported on Miller's claims that she had an affair with Bill Clinton in 1983, that he had told her that Hillary Clinton had a “preference for female lovers,” and that the Clintons may be plotting to kill her during an interview about her upcoming “tell-all memoir”:

Sally Miller looked on in amusement as the man who would become the 42nd President of the United States slipped into her own frilly black nightgown.

The former Miss Arkansas has never forgotten how her younger lover proceeded to dance around the bedroom, serenading her with his saxophone and reducing her to a fit of giggles.

This playful scene was typical of the laughter-filled nights that ex-beauty queen Miller enjoyed with Bill Clinton during their 1983 affair, she tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview.

The married Governor of Arkansas would frequently adopt the role of entertainer-in-chief to impress his glamorous older woman, a one-time Miss America finalist.

But while his attempts at lovemaking were largely forgettable, Clinton would rarely disappoint when it came to divulging intimate and potentially damaging secrets about his wife Hillary.

More than two decades on, Miller, a former singer and radio host known as Sally Perdue, is preparing to dish more secrets of their pillow talk in a tell-all memoir.

The book promises to recall a series of unguarded conversations in which she claims Bill revealed his wife's preference for female lovers.

As far-fetched as her accusations may appear, she remains convinced that Hillary Clinton is behind a plot to silence her ahead of the November election.

But it will also lay bare what Miller, describes as a decades-long Democrat campaign to discredit and harass her that began when she first revealed the affair in 1992, a campaign she claims has now reached such perverse depths that she actually fears for her life.

The twice-divorced 77-year-old took to social media in recent weeks to post an extraordinary warning that if she dies by 'suicide' no-one should believe it.

When Daily Mail Online visited Miller at her Arkansas home she insisted she had been stalked, spied upon and plagued by anonymous phone calls since word of her memoir leaked out. [Daily Mail, 2/16/16]

Drudge Report: “Another Clinton Lover Spills.” A Drudge Report headline promoted the Daily Mail story:

[Drudge Report, 2/16/16]

WND: “Clinton's Purported Ex-Mistress: 'Hillary's A Lesbian.'” WND wrote about Miller's claims as reported by the Daily Mail article earlier on February 16: "'Hillary is a lesbian' who now wants to kill her, she said, the Daily Mail reported." [WND, 2/16/16]

Media Research Center Hypes Daily Mail Story. A MRCtv blog post hyped the Daily Mail story, writing that, “According to former Miss Arkansas Sally Miller, Bill Clinton engaged in some pretty strange....ahem...foreplay when he was governor of Arkansas.” [MRCtv, 2/16/16]

Daily Caller Pushes Miller's Claim That “Hillary Is A Lesbian.” Citing the Daily Mail story, the Daily Caller pushed Sally Miller's claim that “Hillary is a lesbian.” [Daily Caller, 2/16/16]

Rush Limbaugh Repeats Claims From Daily Mail Story That “Hillary Preferred Female Lovers.” On the February 16 edition of his radio show, Rush Limbaugh repeated Miller's claims from the Daily Mail story, which he sourced from the Drudge Report:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Folks, have you seen the top story linked at Drudge? Another former girlfriend of Bill Clinton's has resurfaced. Her name is Sally Perdue, now Sally Miller. Sally Miller coming out of the closet, so to speak. She was one of Bill's paramours back in the seventies when he was the governor of Arkansas. And it's a story in the UK Daily Mail. I'm just gonna pass along the details to you that the Daily Mail is reporting from Sally Miller, i.e., Miller.

She says that Bill Clinton was so-so in bed, that he used to put on her frilliest nightgowns and dance around playing the saxophone. It's what she's saying. I'm just telling you what she said. Clinton would put on her nightie and dance around the room playing saxophone. Ms. Miller says that during pillow talk with Bill Clinton, Bill told her that Hillary -- well, Hillary preferred female lovers. This is what the Daily Mail is saying. I'm just reporting here. Sally Miller told the Daily Mail that Bill Clinton told her, Sally Miller, that Hillary preferred female lovers.

Now, don't go crazy. That information, with the way things are in the Democrat Party today, that probably is gonna help Hillary. The old standard application of stuff like this, “Oh, my God, that's devastating.” No, no. No, no. In this day and age, that's probably a resume enhancement. Even if it's not true, doesn't matter, just that it's out there, and it's not the first time something like that is out there. But here it comes again with a close confidante of Bill Clinton, with him supposedly the source for the information. At least in the Democrat primaries it's a resume enhancement for her. [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 2/16/16]