Right-Wing Media Respond With Sarcasm And Disrespect To Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

Right-wing media responded with mockery, disrespect, and sarcasm after Vanity Fair released a preview of its July cover story featuring Caitlyn Jenner.

Vanity Fair's July Cover Story Is On Caitlyn Jenner 

Vanity Fair: “Introducing Caitlyn Jenner.” On June 1, Vanity Fair released a preview of its July cover story featuring Caitlyn Jenner in her first interview since publicly identifying as transgender in an April interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer. [Vanity Fair, 6/1/15]

Right-Wing Media Responded With Mockery And Disrespect

Rush Limbaugh Calls Jenner “A Babe.” On the June 1 broadcast of his radio show, Limbaugh asked, “If we can change the definition of marriage ... why can't Bruce Jenner be a babe?” [Premiere Radio Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show, 6/1/15]

Fox Business Misgenders Jenner, Mocks Transition. Neil Cavuto and Dagen McDowell made light of Jenner's transition on Fox Business' Cavuto: Coast to Coast, asking, “What the hell is going on?” and calling her outfit “very Playboy bunny-esque” before introducing guest Charles Payne as “Charlene Payne.” [Fox Business Network, Cavuto: Coast to Coast, 6/1/15]

Daily Caller Mockingly Names Jenner “The Greatest Female Athlete Of All Time.” In a June 1 post, Patrick Howley of the Daily Caller mocked Jenner's athletic accomplishments, calling Caitlyn Jenner “the greatest female athlete of all time:” 

The evidence is clear. Jenner is the only woman in Olympic history to finish a full decathlon, boldly breaking down barriers at the 1976 Montreal Games by defeating male athlete Guido Kratschmer of West Germany. In scoring a then-world record 8,616 points in the event, Caitlyn proved that one woman can set a new standard for ALL of the 31 different gender classifications. [The Daily Caller, 6/1/15]

Erick Erickson Links Acceptance Of Jenner's Transition To Invention Of Photoshop. Erick Erickson questioned on Twitter whether media would have “rushed into supporting the mainstreaming of transgenderism before Photoshop?” and answered, “Probably not:”

[Twitter.com, 6/1/15]

Breitbart.com's Ben Shapiro: The Left Thinks A Man “Can Magically Become A Woman.” Breitbart.com's editor at large Ben Shapiro tweeted:

[Twitter.com, 6/1/15]

MRC's Dan Gainor Asks If Jenner Can Also Decide To Be Black. In a series of tweets, the Media Research Center's Dan Gainor sarcastically asked if Jenner could “have 4,000 surgeries and say he's a woman, why can't he do same and say he's black?” Gainor also compared Jenner's transition to “calling a Dachshund a Great Dane” and began using the hashtag #bewhatyousayyouare: 

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