More Advertisers Exclude Ads From The Rush Limbaugh Show

As part of the continuing exodus of advertisers from The Rush Limbaugh Show, Arby's and Proactiv both confirmed they will no longer run ads during Rush Limbaugh's show. Ads from both advertisers recently started running during Limbaugh's program.

While Arby's noted that they “do not buy ads on national radio programs,” the company confirmed on Twitter that its ads would no longer run during Limbaugh's show, advising that it is taking “the necessary steps to discontinue advertising during this show”:

In a message sent to Media Matters, Proactiv explained the recent ads were “run in error,” as it had previously asked to be pulled from inventory around Limbaugh's show; it confirmed that it will work with the network to ensure that its ads are excluded from Limbaugh's program going forward:

Arby's and Proactiv are the latest advertisers to publicly state that they will not advertise on The Rush Limbaugh Show following Limbaugh's three-day attack on Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student. Limbaugh's attacks came after Fluke spoke before elected officials about the various ways her classmates rely on prescription birth control, including a story about a friend who takes it to manage ovarian cysts.

A list of all the companies that have issued public statements confirming that they will no longer advertise on Limbaugh's show is available here.