Listen To Rush Limbaugh Get Called Out On-Air For Lying About Obamacare And Guns

Caller: “Nothing On That Says That I Have To Ask Him 'Where Is Your Gun?' And So Forth. I Got That Information And That Was From My State, Not From Obama”

From the January 5 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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CALLER: The issue I have with what you said was you said as a result of Obama's speech today, that if you have a mentally disabled person in your home, the laws change on how you store your guns and ammunition. However, I can only speak to the state of Illinois. I am a health care professional and a law abiding citizen and I have our Illinois statutes printed out every year, because they change, and that was on the books years ago. So, nothing changed and your statement of as a result of his speech today you will have to do such and such. At least for the state of Illinois, it's been that way for quite some years. 

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Well, right. Wait, you're getting confused because three years ago is when it began -- doctors and nurses, but doctors specifically were asked by virtue of Obamacare to start asking patients where their guns were in their houses if they had them and where the ammunition was--

CALLER: No, no. I got that pamphlet in the mail. So you're telling a half-truth, at least for my state -- a half-truth for my state. You need to get the information from the pamphlets that were sent out to health professionals at that time for each state. And we weren't -- it does not say you ask where the gun is. It asks sensible things like “are you going to hurt yourself?” If they are, of course, stupid enough to say yes, you're, you know -- do you have access to ways -- are you planning on hurting someone else? But nothing on that says that I have to ask him, “Where is your gun?” and so forth. I got that information and that was from my state, not from Obama. That was from my state, and I know federal trickles down to state, but I take a little issue with some of your blanket statements when most of it was common sense prior to that, but it is state statute in Illinois a long time ago that if, say grandma has dementia and she lives with you, that you have a certain way to store that, and that's just called gun responsibility. 

LIMBAUGH: All I am telling you is what we learned in 2013 as Obamacare came online, the things that it was requiring and empowering doctors to do from the federal level. In California, family members can report gun-owning relatives to the police as of this month, the police have to confiscate the guns -- I'm not making anything up here and I'm not generalizing anything.

CALLER: Do you think that's new? Do you think that's new that if someone calls the police and they say, “Hey, my brother's going to shoot himself, he's got a gun in his house, he just said he's going to hurt himself.” Do you think there's not a civic responsibility for them to go, “Hey investigate that?”

LIMBAUGH: That's not what this is. 

CALLER: Yes. It is.

LIMBAUGH: Well it's always been the case that if you see somebody that you think is going to use a gun in a bad way you call the cops. This is doctors now being required to report mental instability or whatever to FBI and three years ago this was doctors now being asked to survey their patients on where the were guns in their house -- if they had guns in their houses. It is part of Obama -- You can sit there and try to defend this all you want. I've got no reason to make this up. I'm not making any of it up. 

CALLER: Okay you need to print it out then because there was nothing said today that said that they were going to take your guns if so-and-so called and said you're mentally unstable. They don't have time for that. 

LIMBAUGH: Of course it's not printed out. This is the whole point. Of course Obama did not announce it today. This is what you ferret out when you learn what's in his regulations. There are hundreds of them. He didn't announce the details here. He's speaking in broad brushes about good intentions and safety and all this other folderol that's really not the motivation for any of this. The California law is new as of this month. The thing in 2013 about doctors being required to survey their patients on whether they own guns or not, that's part of Obamacare. It is federal. And the new thing from doctors being required to report the FBI is new. It is something that is part of the Obama regulations executive orders that he is announcing. There are 4,000 of them Cindy. There are 4,000 gun and other Obama executive regulations that have been enacted or will be in just the past two months. There are more than anybody can keep charge of, keep track of. Obama is not on TV announcing every detail. He didn't dare do this. This is the kind of thing that you're not supposed to know. This is the kind of thing that would let you stand up and oppose it. This is the stuff that's going to happen after the sweetness and light is all explained by Obama.


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