Limbaugh: Women Of The DNC Support Hillary Clinton Because They Are “Harboring A Secret Rage,” And The Men Kowtow “To Feminazis”

From the October 16 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now here's this story. It's a Daily Mail story. Exclusive. “Democratic National Committee woman says her party is clearing a path for Hillary because the women in charge want it that way.” Now given this news -- if this news is given a wide birth, the Republican National Committee ought to be able to win every single vote of every normal red-blooded American male in this country after they hear about this. The women of the DNC have taken over and are running it and they do not want any men around and they do not want an old man getting the nomination. That would be Bernie. They want a cakewalk for Hillary. The women of the DNC are livid over what happened to Hillary in 2008 via Obama. They are livid over the way Hillary has been treated for the past 20 years. They think Hillary has single-handedly, by virtue of staying with Bill and supporting Bill, saved the Democrat Party. The women of the Democrat National Committee think that Hillary is owed much more than they can ever pay her and they are fuming over what happened in 2008. Because 2008 was her coronation, and at the first sign of a young guy that came along the DNC threw her overboard like yesterday's breakfast and glommed onto Obama and they have been fuming ever since. And they are led by Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz.


[T]hey want her nominated, simply because she is a woman. The women of the Democrat National Committee surprisingly think that they are second class citizens and they're fed up with the guys running the show. You would think that their guys are prince charming because every one of these guys kowtows to women, kowtows to feminazis, kowtows to feminism. But they apparently are harboring a secret rage and have been since 2008.