Limbaugh: Trump's Plan To Conduct His Own Negotiations With Networks For Future Debates “Is What A Leader Would Do”

From the November 3 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: The Republican effort to stage a united front on debate reforms began to crumble last night as several campaigns announced that they would not sign a letter of demands to debate media sponsors. Late Monday afternoon, less 24 hours after campaigns gathered outside Washington to discuss the reforms. There is no revolt. What's happening here is that Trump said, the heck with you guys, I'm not joining you guys. I'm going to talk to the network myself, I've got my own plans and I'm going to talk to the networks on my own. And, once again, this is what a leader would do. Leaders don't wait for committees. Leaders organize committees, tell other people to go to the meetings. The leader doesn't. The leader gets a report on what went on at the meeting, but he doesn't show up at them. Leaders don't seek consensus among competitors before looking out for their own interests. Why would you do that? Well, Rush, they're putting a united front, this is the Republicans -- no it's not. These are individual candidates, they all happen to be Republicans, but Trump said the Hell with this, I'm going to forge my own deal with the networks. I'm not going to join this crowd. This crowd's a bunch of losers. Why do I want to throw my hat in with a bunch of people who are going to end up being losers in this thing? And that's his attitude about it.


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