Limbaugh On Trump Skipping Fox Debate: I've Urged Republicans To “Stand Up For Yourselves And Demand Your Own Moderators”

Rush Limbaugh: “I Have Long Advocated That Republicans In General No Longer Have To Take It From The Media”

From the January 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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CALLER: [What is your opinion of Donald Trump's] behavior with Megyn Kelly and Fox, missing the debate, making a big deal about his treatment and being treated unfairly, and -- do you think he's making the right decision?

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Well, I have long advocated -- and we can go back and find the tape. We can go back to our archives and find the transcripts. I have long advocated that Republicans in general no longer have to take it from the media. Why do we have to sit there and let the media pick our nominee every four years for example? Why can't people stand up and say to various people in media, when you already know how they're going to treat you, why go there? You know I -- how many times have I suggested that Republicans avoid certain Sunday shows hosted by certain -- what's going to happen? You know you're not going to win anything there. You're not going to triumph there. No matter how well you do, after you're gone they're going to portray you as something unfavorable. Why give them the chance? And I've asked Republicans this and the answer I get -- you have to do it. We can't avoid it. We can't run from the media. And I've always -- you're not running from them, you're just not giving them the chance to personally destroy you, insult you, or what have you. And I can -- I'll bet you I can find in our archives over the past 25 years after certain presidential debates or similar-type programs, I bet you I can find myself saying why do it? Why let those people moderate? Why agree to this debate commission to choose these people to moderate? Why don't you stand up for yourselves and demand your own moderators? So in that sense, I don't have a problem with this. I think that this is something I've actually urged Republicans to do as a party over the course of the whole time that I have been doing this program. Because I -- everybody knows now and agrees that the Democrats are not our only opponent. The media is as well. Republicans run against two opponents.


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