Limbaugh: Trump Didn't Go “Far Enough” With Immigration Proposal Invoking Plan That Media Called “Unabashedly Racist”

From the November 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Jeb and Kasich and all these other guys, they look at it as a civil rights issue, and the left looks at it as a civil rights -- they almost look at it as a racial issue, and it's not. 


For them, they think it's an act of compassion to welcome them in, and if we disagree with ignoring the law, then we are called racists. And it's not about that at all, it's about sustaining the U.S. economy, the job market the wage base, all these kinds of things. 


But I thought one of the most telling lines, when they're discussing all this, and Jeb says, well you know, they're -- you're talking about deporting people, you're going to deport people -- 11 million, 12 million people. You realize they're doing hand stands and applauding over at the Clinton campaign. And Trump comes in, you ever heard of Ike? I like Ike? Dwight Eisenhower. Ike? I like Ike? We like Ike? Everybody likes him. You know what Ike did? Ike got rid of a million-and-a-half -- I mean, he deported -- what do you mean it can't be done? 


Trump was entirely correct to point out the history -- what Eisenhower did. And I don't think Trump went far enough, actually. In reality, Harry Truman, another Democrat president, deported illegal aliens -- over 3.4 million, did you know that? 


Harry Truman deported illegal aliens -- 3.4 million of them. You add that to the 2.1 million Ike deported -- or who left on their own at the time. Nearly 6 million illegal aliens were deported or left voluntarily under those two highly-beloved presidents. The country didn't fall apart, and we didn't become a bunch of racists overnight. We didn't lose our compassion, we didn't lose our big hearts. 


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