Limbaugh Theorizes Obama's Speech At Paris Climate Change Summit May Inspire Domestic Terrorism

Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Have “Responsibility” For Inciting Acts Of Domestic Terror

From the December 2 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH:  If you pay attention to some of this ludicrous stuff Obama is saying as part of this ridiculous climate change summit in Paris. He is attacking people who he says are contributing to the destruction of the climate, he's talking to people who drive SUVs, he's talking about power plant owners, coal company executives and so forth. With as many deranged people as are in this country, and most of them are leftists, Ted Cruz has pointed out. I hope to heck that there aren't a whole bunch of incidentswaiting to happen out there because they are being promoted by Obama and his anti-rhetoric that he's engaging in, and his blame rhetoric! And the president of the United States starts blaming people over and over again for destroying the planet, you're telling me some unstable people out there aren't going to get scared and want to take matters into their own hands? Take your average lunatic, your average unstable, mentally disabled person or mentally diseased person, hears the president over and over attack this person, that person, that group, this group for destroying the planet. And you think that some mentally unstable person is not gonna say “Wait I have to stop them, they're going to destroy the planet, they're going to destroy,” and bang bang?


As far as the media is concerned, as far as the Democrat Party is concerned, this guy that shot up Planned Parenthood is so stupid that he couldn't have done it on his own, he had to be programmed, he had to be inspired, he had to be told to do it, he had to be motivated to do it, just so happens by the political opponents of the Democrat Party. Okay fine. Well then, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. And it seems that most of the shoot-ups in this country occur at the hands of leftists, so who's inspiring them? Who is motivating them? Who is working them up into a deep fevered frenzy? You go on the floor of the Senate, as the senate minority leader and you start blaming individual Americans for these acts of domestic terror? What do you think the deranged out there might want to do? Damn right I blame the Democrats.The American left has more responsibility for this garbage that's happening in this country than you or I could in our lifetimes folks, do not be mistaken.


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