Limbaugh: Super Bowl Halftime Show Represented The “Social Rot” Befalling The US, Looked Like A “Different Country”

Rush Limbaugh: “Beyoncé Might Have Thought The Black Panthers Were Playing” The Super Bowl Because “She Is A Woman, And As Such She's Probably Not That Big A Sports Fan”

From the February 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Did you happen to catch Beyoncé's contribution to the [Super Bowl] halftime show? I want to give Beyoncé the benefit of the doubt. After all, she is a woman, and as such she's probably not that big a sports fan. Probably doesn't follow the NFL that closely. And when she saw that the two teams involved, she naturally thought one of them was the Black Panthers, particularly if she happens to read, which had a story over the weekend that we talked about -- I'm sorry, it was the Huffington Puffington Post -- which claimed that the Carolina Panthers were the first NFL team to be unapologetically black. So it's understandable that Beyoncé might have thought the Black Panthers were playing in the game, and hence her tribute to the Black Panthers.

This has everybody up in arms. She gets a police escort to the game. They sweep everybody off the highways so she can get [to] the Super Bowl on time. She didn't have to go hours early and wait. They parted the traffic for her so she can get there with not much downtime before she had to perform and does that routine ripping the cops, promoting Black Lives Matter.

I'll tell you, the observation is this: you have in the Super Bowl, you have the pregame, which features the anthem, with a giant American flag spread out over the entire field. You have military, uniformed military all over the place. You have an Air Force or Navy, not sure which, flyby, after the anthem. You have the national anthem sung and it's always sung reverentially. It's always sung with great respect. Lady Gaga with the honors yesterday. So, you have the traditional pro-America, patriotic, out-of-this-world pregame show. And then you get to the halftime of the Super Bowl. And what the halftime show of the Super Bowl is, to me anyway, is representative of the cultural decay and the political decay and the social rot that is befalling our country. And you see both in contrast with each other within an hour and a half or two hours of each other. The pregame show is amazing how patriotic it is. The pregame show, I think, is emblematic of why the left dislikes football so much. Because it is so patriotic-oriented and it promotes patriotism and Americana in ways that are frowned upon today in many quarters of the left, such as universities and schools and graduation ceremonies, where you're not allowed to show this kind of patriotism because it's uncool or politically incorrect or what have you. And then you get to halftime and it's an entirely different country that's on the stage. It's an entirely different portrayal, an exhibition, if you will, of American culture.


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