Limbaugh Stereotypes Latinos: “Cuban Exile Model” Of “Hard Work” Has Shifted To “Mexican Immigrant Model”

From the January 30 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: And the way the Republicans are looking at it is that they think that Hispanic immigrants are made-to-order conservatives. For some reason, culturally, they think that they're invested in hard work. And using the Cuban exile model, they're exactly right. But the Hispanic demographic, if you will, or population, has shifted. And the Cuban exile model is no longer the dominant model. The Mexican immigrant model is. And that -- they arrive with an entirely different view of America. And I'm sorry if this is offensive, but it's true.

And I'm not just asserting it. The scholarly research from academia is out there. A full 75 percent of voting Hispanics believe that prosperity is the job of government. And so they'll vote for the party that espouses those beliefs. [It] happens to be the Democrats. And so we sit here, and we think it's a lost cause to favor amnesty, illegal immigration, simply to get voters.  


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