Limbaugh Revives Debunked Claim That Obama Created His Own Birther Conspiracy

Rush Limbaugh: Claim That Obama Was Born In Kenya Stems From “His Own Pamphlet To Sell His First Book”

From the January 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: No, no, what it was -- it was Obama's literary agent, was in a little 1991 booklet they were using to promote Obama's book “Dreams of My Father's Flags” or whatever the heck it was and the agent, the booklet the literary agent put together said that Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii. And that the booklet was promoting “Dreams of the Flags of My Father,” or whatever Obama's book was. Now most writers will vet what their agents provide for PR. Many -- truth be known -- most authors have to do everything. You've got people taking this and that percentage out -- the authors have to do everything. But I don't know in this case whether Obama actually just left it to the agent to write the booklet and didn't know or looked at what the agent wrote, saw that he was born in Kenya, the agent, “yeah man, it's going to make it sexier. It'll sell a lot better. Here you are. You're some skinny, scraggly kid born in Kenya. You've come to America, you've conquered, you're becoming a lawyer, oh wow man. What a great bio we can sell.” Obama says, “well, okay, fine with me.” And they did it. Anyway, whoever vetted it or didn't, whoever wrote it or didn't, whoever approved it or didn't, the fact is that's what gave birth, if you will, the idea that Obama was not born in America, that he was actually born in Kenya. It was his own PR materials, his own pamphlet, to sell his first book. And that's all it took. And when you have a person whose honesty is questioned in general, well, something like that's going to be a huge hook to people and it was. So they, the Obama people now, because that happened, they're just all excited over the allegation being made about Cruz. So they're happy to play along. Pay back, quid pro quo.


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