Limbaugh: Republican Establishment Would Rather Elect Clinton Over Cruz So They Can Continue To “Feed Off The Federal Teat”

Rush Limbaugh: “The People In Washington Who Feed Off The Federal Teat Are Threatened By Somebody Who Wants To Reduce The Number Of Teats”

From the October 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): The Republican establishment would much rather have Hillary Clinton than Ted Cruz be president. Ted Cruz scares the heck out of them because Hillary will keep the gravy train rolling. Hillary will keep the government growing. Hillary will keep the money being redistributed. She'd keep taxing people. Government's gonna get bigger, all kinds of money around, all kinds of jobs in the government, all kinds of work for lobbyists and so forth. And Cruz stands for an attempt to reduce all of that. And so the people in Washington who feed off the federal teat are threatened by somebody who wants to reduce the number of teats. Imagine, Ted Cruz being the biggest enemy when you are a Republican or a conservative, either an elected official, a campaign official, media figure or whatever -- Ted Cruz, your biggest enemy.


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