Limbaugh Praises Trump For Recognizing In Executive Orders That Immigration Is The “Greatest Threat” To America

Rush Limbaugh: Immigration “Represents The Greatest Threat To This Country Remaining What It Is”

From the February 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Overriding all of this is policy. And I'm going to tell you what the number one policy continues to be. And this is where everybody on this executive order is blowing it and missing it. The number one issue, and you're never going to have this represented honestly because the people who report on it and the Democrat Party don't agree with it and don’t believe it, but the number one issue is immigration. Immigration still to this day represents the greatest threat to this country remaining what it is. That has not changed. Donald Trump is the only person in the American political spectrum who's on record as wanting to change it, to stop it, to redirect it, and as such his support is unwavering. And this executive order is not redounding negatively to him, much as the drive-bys would love you to believe that it is, and much as the Democrats would hope that it is, and much as Judge Robart would think he’s actually going to be able to destroy Trump’s efforts here. The simple fact of matter is people support -- there's polling data even now to back this up -- that people support Trump's efforts here in this executive order, and that they're not happy with Judge Robart, and that they're not happy with the judiciary here that's piling on because it represents illegal immigration and wanton refugees coming into the country unvetted.


LIMBAUGH: Immigration, open borders is the simplest, fastest way to cut this country down. Immigration, open borders, unvetted, mass illegal immigration is the fastest way to end America as founded. If we're going to let endless numbers of people in, and we're not going to assimilate them, and we're not going to stand for what's always been a distinct American culture, and the people that voted for Donald Trump know this, they are frightened by it, and they can clearly see that the Democrats don’t care.


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