Limbaugh Outraged After Scandal Portrays An Abortion: “Genuinely, Literally Sickening”

From the November 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Scandal has jumped the shark. Did you see Scandal last night? Anybody in there see Scandal last night? Have you ever seen -- have you ever watched Scandal? Oh you never have, oh, OK. Well, Kerry Washington is the star-ette, and she plays a major Washington, D.C. fixer named Olivia Pope, styled after an actual person. And anyway, for the entirety of the series, she's had a running affair with the sitting president, A.J. Fitzgerald, whatever the hell his name is. And I haven't seen any episodes this season -- I've got them TiVo'd, but I think they jumped the shark a time ago. It's gotten beyond the -- so far out it's entertaining still enough to watch phase for me. But apparently last night, she got pregnant by way of the sitting president, A.J. Fitzgerald -- or Fitz or whatever his name is, who cares -- and she has an abortion to the tune of “Silent Night.” Yup, she has an abortion, and it's glorified, it's celebrated, it's heralded. She has an abortion smiling. It's appealing to Planned Parenthood, it's a tribute to Planned Parenthood, I mean it's just sickening apparently. And she has an abortion, and laying on the table with the actual abortion taking -- and camera shots showing you what it would look like as the doctor's making the move from behind her head [hums “Silent Night”] -- there's a couple other things added to it, apparently it's just sickening. I mean just genuinely, literally sickening.


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