Limbaugh: “Only The Leftists Try To Use Extortion, Pressure, Threats To Silence Opposing Voices”

From the March 5 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: As I was saying, ladies and gentlemen, this show has always been about you. It has always been about meeting and surpassing your expectations as an audience on any level that I can imagine, on any level for which I have empathy.

If this program were about the advertising, you don't know the kind of commercials you'd be treated to. I reject millions of dollars of advertising a year, much to the chagrin of my hard-working sales staff. Millions, folks, including, I might add, General Motors. What would you have thought if after the government took over General Motors, I started advertising General -- I made the decision not to accept that because you, the audience, come first. Because no successful program puts the audience second, or third.

See, I understand my successes come from you. Every Thanksgiving on this program, many of you -- well, during the year, many of you regale me with how much the program has meant to you personally, your family, whatever, over the years. Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, I take time out to tell you no matter what this program has meant to you, it can't compare to what you have meant to me and my family. So, in fact, I have no adequate way to express my gratitude to you. It just doesn't exist. That's how great my gratitude for all of you is.

Without you, advertisers would have no need to participate in this program. So, what we're going to do is replace those that leave. Those that no longer want access to you, those advertisers who no longer want your business, fine. We'll replace them. It's simple, really. Advertising is a business decision, it's not a social one. Only the leftists try to use extortion, pressure, threats to silence opposing voices. We don't do that. Never, ever do any of us on our side of the aisle try to suppress the speech or the voices of those with whom we disagree. And we never will. So, as you've always done, you make your own business decisions about the products and services you buy. But don't be like the opposition. That was my mistake last week. Don't make it yours.


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