Limbaugh: Obamas Think They're “Owed” Lavish Lifestyle “Because Of What's Been Done To” Them And Their “Ancestors”

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh trotted out a new theory on the guiding prerogative of the Obamas. Limbaugh claimed part of what motivates President Obama and the Democratic Party is “the pursuit of money without having to work for it.” He then said that the Obamas view their time in the White House as “an opportunity to live high on the hog without having it cost them a dime.” Not content to leave it at that, Limbaugh elaborated, adding that the Obamas justify this by thinking “we deserve this, or we're owed this because of what's been done to us and our ancestors.” Limbaugh concluded that if Democrats and the Obamas “don't know how to earn a lot of money working for it, they'll go someplace where they can legally steal it.”

If this elicits a sense of déjà vu, it should. Rush has a long history of employing racially charged attacks against the president.

There's been a lot of discussion on the burgeoning polarization and coarsening of the political tone in America. When you have millions of listeners tuning in to the “de facto” head of the GOP accusing the president of being motivated by racial grievance, it's no wonder why.

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LIMBAUGH: Now, I believe that in addition to whatever drives Obama and his party ideologically, also near the top of the list is the pursuit of money without having to work for it. Being able to pass it out to their friends and set their friends up to be wealthy for the rest of their lives. I think there's all kinds of that going on, too. And I think if you look at the way the Obamas live, with Michelle and her separate vacations and not being concerned about how much it costs to take separate airplanes -- there's no question in my mind that they view this as -- whatever else they view it as, as an opportunity to live high on the hog without having it cost them a dime. And they justify it by thinking, “Well, we deserve this, or we're owed this because of what's been done to us and our ancestors all these” -- who knows? I think that's -- I think that's part of it.

I also think that it is why the Republican establishment wants back -- and everybody in Washington wants to be in charge of the money. Everybody wants to run the committee chairmans-- the committee and be the chairman. Everybody wants to be in charge of the budget. Everybody wants to have power over it. Do not discount, ever, the money. And do not -- folks, another thing not to fall for: Do not think that however wealthy somebody is, they run around thinking they have enough, because nobody ever thinks they have enough. And no matter how much you have, it's very easy -- it's not hard at all to learn how to spend every dime in your pocket. It's easy.

Now, people who've never had 2 or 3 million dollars think, “My gosh, what would I spend it on?” You'd be surprised once you have it. It's not that hard. And the concept of, “Well, gosh, don't you have enough?” That's a myth. That's something the liberals use to try to guilt other people out of pursuing achievement and so forth. But believe me, no matter what they have, it's never enough. And I think there's a lot of reasons why the Obamas, the Democrats are doing what they're doing. In addition to the ideology, in addition to whatever grievances they have about this country and its past and however they think it needs to be cut down to size, and however they think the people who have gotten rich need to be gotten even with. Also in the mix is their chance to get their share without having to work for it and set themselves up, and their friends up, for life in the process. I don't doubt that that's a factor here.

And they're clearly willing to use the power, and they don't care about the debt that the country is involved in, and they don't think that we are at a point of peril. The idea that the national debt is now greater then the economy -- no big deal. They've been hearing all their lives how the national debt's too high, the national debt's going to cripple the country, but it never has. While they are hearing all of this horrible stuff about the debt, the deficits, all the tax rates, they look around, they see people doing just fine, living high on the hog, and the national debt's not hurting anybody. The rich are getting richer, and that's who they want to be. And if they don't know how to earn a lot of money working for it, they'll go someplace where they can legally steal it. Or apportion it to themselves and their friends, and that's a large part of what's going on with this regime.

So, when you have a big-time Hollywood party like this, or any other show of extravagance, to me it's patently obvious what's going on here. Bunch of people taking advantage of having control over all that money, a chance to get a lot of it without having to work for it. Under the guise of being entitled to it. Pulling the strings, because in their view, this is what all their predecessors have done.

I'll tell you what really woke me up to this. And nobody is more cynical than I am when it comes to Congress. Including Will Rogers. And I don't know about you, but in the last -- time flies. I think two months, safe to say. When I learned, along with the rest of you -- when I learned that Congress made it legal for themselves to use insider trading, that's all I needed to know. When they specifically exempted themselves by statute from the insider trading laws, when Congress passed a law saying “we can use insider trading,” they have a totally different perception of themselves than we do, when it comes to morality, when it comes to ethics, when it comes to why they are there. When I heard that -- you know, you live and learn. Lights still go off. Red flags still get raised. But that told me a lot.