Limbaugh: Obama Isn't " Down With The Struggle" Because He “Doesn't Have Slave Blood”

From the September 5 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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LIMBAUGH: By the way, before we get to the phones, quick question. Why were Obama's shoes a half-size too small? And what we're supposed to conclude from that, that the guy was so poor and had so little and was just barely surviving, and he had to have his most prized possession was a coffee table from a garbage Dumpster. And his shoes that were a half-size too small. Didn't care about material things. [unintelligible] So he goes in to buy a pair of shoes and buys them a half-size too small because he doesn't care to buy a pair that fit.

No, whoa, whoa, whoa. You're that telling me he that didn't buy the shoes, he had to get those out ofa Dumpster, too? Obama was working for a law firm when he started dating Michelle. He wasn't wearing shoes a half-size too small when he was dating Michelle Obama. He was working at a law firm.

I don't care. The point is, tugging at out heartstrings -- Obama did not grow up in poverty. His grandmother, the typical white woman, worked in a bank. Don't give me this “down with the struggle”business. He wasn't down with the struggle, that's the whole point. You go back to 2008, the Democrats were wringing their hands because he wasn't authentically black. That's the reason the Reverend Sharpton had a problem with him, and they wrote the column in the L.A. Times, “the magic Negro.” He wasn't down with the struggle. He doesn't have slave blood. You know all that. You're the official Obama criticizer. What are you telling me?


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