Limbaugh: NASA Scientist's Claim That Climate Change “Destroyed An Ocean” On Mars Is “Bogus,” “Wild Guess”

Limbaugh Claims He's Being “Misquoted ... On Purpose” Because He's “Getting Too Close To The Truth”

From the September 30 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: NASA announces, coincidentally timing perfect for a new movie called The Martian -- NASA which wants money to go to Mars, announces that they discovered flowing water. And it wasn't just that they discovered flowing water, and I never once said they made that up, but that's what late night comedians will say in just a second as you will hear. My objection -- my point of interest that I raised -- is that the NASA scientist involved in announcing this said that in addition to flowing water, they discovered that two-thirds of the northern hemisphere of Mars was once covered by ocean that was a mile deep. And I simply raised what I think is an intelligent question: How do you know? We have not been there, we have not had enough probes to go there to learn anything like this. But it was more than that that made me dubious. The announcement contained the following phrase when explaining why the water that was there isn't there anymore on Mars. “Why, it was a catastrophic event probably brought on by climate change.” How miraculous! How coincidental that we've now discovered catastrophic climate change on Mars that has destroyed an ocean. Now catastrophic climate change on Earth is going to destroy land. Because catastrophic climate change here is going to cause ice caps to melt and the sea level is going to rise and we're all going to die because we're all going to drown. On Mars the exact opposite happened. Apparently. A catastrophic climate change -- probably brought on by climate change. That's all supposition. It's wild guess, it's bogus. And it's amazing to me how automatically it's believed. This is -- folks, I'm not going to stop fighting this stuff. This is common sense perception and this is the kind of stuff that's going to have to be beaten back if we're going to ever stop this never-ending expansion of government and government regulation and government law and spending and debt and reduced liberty and freedom, all of it's relevant. It's all the result of this stuff because what governments essentially are saying is now we gotta genetically alter human beings to be be able to see at night without lights. Our natural state as created by God destroys our planet. And do you not think it's a little dangerous that young skulls full of mush would kind of sign on to this and believe it? So we have the absolute absence of science being presented as science. It is unquestioned by anybody in the low information comedy world. And when somebody like me comes along with valid, penetrating questions rooted in common sense, that person has to be laughed at, mocked, made fun of, distracted, distorted, what have you, because the little cocoon in which these people have constructed for themselves to live gets blown to smithereens and they can't handle anything contrary to this belief system they've all evolved.


I didn't say they've got to work the discovery of water into the agenda. What I said was, their attempted explanation for, even after discovering why it's not there anymore -- catastrophic climate change -- causes an entire northern hemisphere of mile deep water to vanish. That's what I was questioning. Not the discovery of water. We already know there's water on Mars because Mars has ice caps. I was not disputing that. And everybody -- this is how it happens, and this is why I'm taking the time to play the bites, to at least correct the record as best I can here. Misquoted misinterpreted, on purpose -- it's what you have to understand, this is being done on purpose -- because actually I'm getting too close to the truth. I mean in the old days, they used to be able to go out and make these pronouncements, “yes, we've just discovered flowing water on Mars. Do you know it used to be two-thirds of it was covered by water a mile deep? But a catastrophic event, probably related to climate change, came along. And it's gone” And everyone would go: “Whoa. Wow. And that's what they say is happening here? Oh my god! We're all going to” -- and nobody would challenge it. And it'd become accepted belief and they'd make movies about it. I come along and I said, “Wait a minute, this isn't science, this is a wild guess, and this is politics.” Every bit of this explanation of what happened to the water on Mars is politics.


CLIP OF LARRY WILMORE: You think NASA made this up, they called a press conference and made this up to further leftist agenda? You know what, just stop it.

LIMBAUGH: Larry, that's exatly what they did. I don't know who he is, he just got a show on Comedy -- Larry, that's exactly what they did! But it wasn't about the discovery at Mars, Larry it was the announcement that the water is now gone, probably because a catastrophic event -- maybe, probably caused by climate change -- Larry, get a brain, will you, if you're going to host that show.


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