Limbaugh: Media “Would Drop Alicia Machado [Story] Like The Hot Tamale She Is” If Trump Doesn't Do The Next Debate

From the September 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Folks, you should know, I have a couple, here, of truly, in-the-tank Trumpsters, Trumpists. And they don't think [Donald] Trump should ever appear with anybody in the media. And they think Trump ought to bag this debate, and the next debate, and any forum that's anything like a debate where Hillary Clinton is there, because they think there's absolutely nothing to gain. Because the deck is constantly stacked. Trump is, by definition, going to be on defense. They hate the media, they don't think there's any possibility Trump can get a fair shake. Shouldn't do it, waste of time, can actually help himself more by bagging these and continuing to stay on his exhaustive campaign schedule. 

Now, if he bagged the debate – and, by the way, they're announcing he's going to be there, because this has come up. But they're announcing -- his team's announced he's going to be there. Let's just say he cancels it, can you imagine what's going to be done with that? They would drop [former Miss Universe] Alicia Machado like the hot tamale she is, and they would veer into, “Trump's a coward, what's he afraid of? He's admitting that Hillary skunked him in the first debate.” And they would do everything they could to say that Trump is admitting he can't even stay even with her. And you don't think that would hurt?


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