Limbaugh: “Little Brian Stelter ... Sounds Like A Basket Case”

Rush Limbaugh: “Stelter Doesn't Really Know What To Say, He Doesn't Really Know How To Categorize What I Think Or Hannity” Thinks

From the September 15 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I don't think -- you'd have to correct me on this, I don't think I ever weighed in substantively on Hillary's mythical illnesses or not. I simply reported what I saw. The seizure-like behavior and all that. There are other people that were really, really focusing, really, really trying to point out she was really, really sick, and they were being attacked as conspiracy cooks, and they've all been vindicated. And so, since there's vindication, what now happens? Well, they really want her to die, they want her to get sick. They want her to be on her deathbed, yeah. 

I guess CNN thinks this guy is a responsible commentator. I have to ask the offices, has Brian Stelter ever called her once to ask to speak to me for clarification? You've never gotten a call from CNN? He contradicts himself here.


You're specifically alleging, Brian, we want her to be sick -- Brian, you really need to research the transcripts of this program. If you do, you will find that I am the one person who started expressing concern for Mrs. Clinton in a number of areas. The most recent time when she had that four minute coughing spasm, it was I who asked, how could her staff do that to her and not send somebody out to rescue her? Who left her out to dry in that episode? I was also the one who came to her defense when people started making snarky comments about who wants to watch an aging woman in the White House Oval Office. 

I don't know how I get lumped -- well I do how I get lumped in. These people are lazy and they just assume that conservative leaders are reprobates or whatever they think of conservatism. Look, I know Sean Hannity, he doesn't want anyone to die. What is this? This is -- it's bottom of the barrel stuff. Stelter doesn't really know what to say, he doesn't really know how to categorize what I think or Hannity. You know what? They're deplorable, Hillary's right, they want her to die. They want to see her on her deathbed. They want her to get sick. How do you know that? And just make a blanket statement like this? 

Brian's a guy -- Little Brian's the one who sounds like a basket case. What rumors have I talked about for years about Hillary's health? What rumors did I create and spread? I don't recall any. For years? My problem with Hillary Clinton has to do with what she believes. My problem with Hillary Clinton has to be totally and 100 percent policy-related. But I guess Brian's at home, these are the people that also blamed me for the Oklahoma City bombing. Let's not forget that. Bill Clinton himself in all of his glory. So I guess these people must idolize the Clintons.


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