Limbaugh Lashes Out At Coca-Cola For “Trying To Sell Coke On The Basis That We're Killing Polar Bears”

Rush Limbaugh is targeting Coca-Cola in his unrelenting campaign to dismiss the threat posted to polar bears by climate change, criticizing the company for creating white white soda cans in a joint effort with the World Wildlife Federation to raise awareness of the consequences of climate change.

Forbes reported:

“We want to help the polar bear -- a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922 -- by helping conserve its Arctic habitat,” said Muhtar Kent, chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. “That's why we're using one of our greatest assets -- our flagship brand, Coca-Cola -- to raise awareness for this important cause. And by partnering with WWF, we can truly make a positive difference for these majestic animals.”

Coca-Cola will be manufacturing more than 1.4 billion white Coke cans for the campaign; the new cans should start appearing on store shelves next week.

Calling the threat to polar bears “false testimony” and “a hoax,” Limbaugh slammed the company on his radio show:

That polar bears have been negatively affected by climate change is not in dispute.

According to a Conservation International article, the International Union for Conservation of Nature “identifies climate change as the most significant threat to the survival of polar bears - in large part because as polar ice melts it both reduces the area they have to live in and threatens their ability to hunt for food.” Furthermore, The Fish and Wildlife Service determined that “the polar bear is threatened throughout its entire range by ongoing and projected changes in sea ice habitat” based on a comprehensive evaluation of “the best available scientific and commercial information on polar bear habitat and projected effects of various factors (including climate change) on the quantity and distribution of polar bear habitat.”