Limbaugh Laments That Women Used To Go To College “To Meet [Their] Husband,” But “All Of That Got Blown Up” By Feminism

Limbaugh Complains That Modern Women “Want To Be A Corporate Success”

From the July 27 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Here is a little bite from my TV show back in 1994, and I fully expect, until you stop and think about it and hear me explain this, I full expect this little sound bite to really anger a certain segment of the female population.


LIMBAUGH: The Hillary Clinton story basically is this. And see how similar this sounds to the old days before the modern era of feminism raised its head. You're a girl, you're a young women. What do you do? You go off to college. That's what she did. Why do you go? To meet your husband. That's what she did. She wouldn't be where she is if it weren't for her husband. So she goes to college, finds some guy that she thinks is going somewhere, latches onto him, maybe she steers his career as some women are prone to do. Maybe she followed. Who knows. But the point is that when he got wherever he was going, that's when she moves in to take over.


LIMBAUGH: And I think that's exactly what happened. Now back in 1971 when they met, back 1965, 1970, that's -- you may not like hearing this, but much of America, that's why women went to college. It was just the formula, that's where you went to meet your husband and get that phase of your life started. That period of time, by the way, coincides with the very beginnings of the modern era of feminism, which I trace to 1969, because that's when I first began to experience it, and I was a senior in high school then. And so, we had the beginnings of feminism starting to rear where all of that got blown up. The whole point of going to college became not to find a husband. Screw that. Feminism became you don't want anything about a man to be defining. You don't want your relationship to define you, you don't want a relationship to be your happiness. You certainly don't want marriage to be the sole determining reason you live. You don't want a relationship to be your happiness, marriage, any of that. You want to go everywhere. You want to have it all. You want to be a corporate success, you want to be an entrepreneurial success, that's, and that's the beginning of the feminist movement, which sought to emulate men. I thought that was its mistake from the get-go.


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