Limbaugh on “joyless” Maureen Dowd: “Isn't it always a guy when a woman's unhappy?”

On the August 9 broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh Show, radio host Rush Limbaugh recounted his observations of New York Times columnist and author Maureen Dowd on NBC's Meet the Press and C-SPAN's Booknotes to promote her new book, Bushworld: Enter at Your Own Risk (Putnam, 2004). She appeared “just joyless,” “miserable” and “did not seem happy at all,” Limbaugh said. He then offered his diagnosis: “Must be a guy.”

From the August 9 Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: [H]ave you people seen Maureen Dowd lately? I -- the -- she's what made me think that the Libs are -- I mean, you talk about somebody that appears joyless. I -- it was a shame. ... Just joyless. Just did -- did not appear to have any joy. I mean here she is trying to sell her book out there, which is a compilation of columns, and just -- just seemed miserable. Did not seem -- did not seem happy at all. ... Don't understand it. Must be a guy. Isn't it always a guy when a woman's unhappy? Let's see. [laughter] Rush, you better stop where you're ahead here.