Limbaugh: Journalists Who Accept Climate Science “Have Been Over Taken By … A Special Kind Of Stupid.”

From the October 7 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): In addition to all these things that the media and left blamed extreme weather on, nukes, nuke testing, rocket launches, extreme weather being blamed on air pollution, acid rain. They now blame extreme weather on climate change, global warming. Now, what is that caused by? What’s causing climate change? Well if you listen to them, capitalism is. Our progressive, advancing lifestyle. Our SUVs, our air conditioning is causing climate change. Our output of CO2, which is a direct result of our civilization and standard of living improving. And they’re going back, because they don’t like capitalism, it’s a threat to socialism. Socialism is where they are fully empowered. Capitalism, they are not. They resent it. What -- what has always stunned me not just about weather and climate change, and how it's dramatically different today. You can read -- Drudge is getting a lot of grief today for, in places like Popular Science where you would expect -- Popular Science -- you would expect it to be about science, it’s not. It’s about politics. So Drudge advances on his website same theory I’m advancing that there might have been a little bit of global warming hype in the warnings and the forecasts of the hurricane and they think it’s the most outrageous thing in the world. You have to be a looney tune to think that. Now why did they -- they're not suspicious. And it’s because they've totally bought into it. They have become totally obligatorily acquiescent to the state. Journalists are supposed to be skeptical and doubtful and distrustful. But they have been over taken by what I call a special kind of stupid, defending the state on every standard premise and dismissing any criticism as illegitimate. There isn't a one of them that hasn't bought into mankind is destroying the planet.


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