Limbaugh: If Someone Thinks Ben Carson “Is Starting To Sound Like Me, He Is Going To Go Places”

From the November 9 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: We start here with CNN's State of the Union on Sunday morning. Former South Carolina State Representative Bakari Sellers, a Democrat, is on. And they're discussing Ben Carson's campaign. And this Bakari Sellers guy, who is a former South Carolina Democrat representative, says--

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BAKARI SELLERS: Everybody has read Gifted Hands or watched the movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. I mean, it's inspiring. When I travel around and speak, I tell kids, you know, to be a lawyer like Thurgood Marshall or be a scientist like George Washington Carver or a doctor like Ben Carson. I mean, that's what I say because it was that inspirational. Now I can't tell if he's Rush Limbaugh.

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LIMBAUGH: See. See, he was going along just fine until they got to get all conservative on everybody -- they got to get all. Now I can't tell if the guy's Rush Limbaugh. Let me tell you something, that is a profound compliment. Somebody thinks Ben Carson is starting to sound like me, he is going to go places. But see these Democrats, what they think is the mention of my name causes immediately disapprove for the person they associate with. These - this democrat guy, this Barkari Sellers, so he's on CNN and they've got to take Ben Carson out. They've got focus group and polling data that says Democrats hate me. So associate Ben Carson with me, that discredits Carson. That's why they do that. They don't understand that this is a multifaceted compliment. I'll take it each and every time.


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