Limbaugh: “I laughed myself to tears” reading Media Matters for America's report on his sexist, racist remarks

On his May 5 radio show, Rush Limbaugh commented on Media Matters for America's May 3 report "Meet the New Rush, Same as the Old Rush." Limbaugh said that the 77 comments we cited -- including his claim that women “actually wish” for sexual harassment -- were “funny.”

Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding Media Matters for America:

But before we go, ladies and gentlemen, I want to review the program up to this point for you. There -- there's a new Lib Web site out there. Have you heard about this David Brock's Web site? This is -- I have to tell you the truth about this. When I -- when I -- when I got into town on Sunday night, having flown up from the EIB Southern Command, I got -- as usual I walked into my fashionable Upper East Side penthouse, minding my own business, bothering nobody and fired up the computer and there's all these e-mails. “Rush, get this, look at this.”

So I looked at it. And they've got this new Lib Net on radio, then they've got Gore's -- Gore's new Lib cable network. Now they've got Lib Web. And David Brock, who by the way, I have said positive things about throughout his career on this program. I have praised David Brock's work in The American Spectator. I have defended David Brock when he was assaulted for being gay by mean-spirited people in Washington who happen to be Republicans. And I even talked to him on the phone once, told him I regretted this and that it -- it -- it was unfortunate it happened and so forth. But Brock -- something happened. David's done -- and he's done a 180 and he's now on the Left. He's -- he's -- he's running the -- they've sunk two million bucks into this Lib -- into this Lib Web site, which -- whoever does -- they've got two people.

David, let me just say something. We started my Web site here, which is far better than yours, on a shoestring. Two million. You people waste more money starting up your projects. I -- I don't -- I don't have any clue how you expect to make any money doing what you're doing. Of course, that may not be the objective. But they've got two people assigned to transcribing this program every day and -- and -- and they monitor other Conservative media, and they simply report it so that people will know what's actually being said here.

Of course, I transcribe this program each day and it's on my own Web site. If you -- if you wanted to hear what was said on this program, you can go on my Web site. It's right there. But they're doing me a service. I mean, they're promoting my Web site and my program on theirs.

But they have -- their initial offering featured 77 classic Rush outrageous remarks, subdivided by topic. “Limbaugh Assaults Gays.” “Limbaugh Assaults Women.” “Limbaugh Insults Religious Catholics” or whatever it is. And they've got these -- these quotes from my program. I have to tell you folks, and please understand this.

I went to the David Brock -- it's called Media Matters America, so that's what -- American in the -- everything they do now. Just call it Lib Web. Media Matters America, something like that. I read these 77 things. Forgive me for saying this. I laughed myself to tears in my eyes. I had no idea I was this funny. I'm -- I'm reading some -- this is great stuff. And then I started laughing even -- even harder because they are outraged by it. And I'm thinking, who are these people that they've had transcribe this program. These guys have to be, whoever they are, sitting there privately laughing at this stuff themselves because it's funny.

I don't have it in front of me, but what -- remember one of them and it's not by any means the funniest one. It just -- for some reason it -- if it's not -- it's an out of context comment. We were talking about outsourcing in states welfare department of Arizona and I said -- here's the comment they have in these “Limbaugh Insults Welfare Recipients” is the headline. “Limbaugh Insults Welfare Recipients.” And it says -- has me quoted as saying, “Imagine this poor welfare recipient in Arizona, his check is less than he thought it was and the food stamp won't stick to whatever he's trying to mail.” [laughter] Honest to God, I -- I can't remember when I said that. That's hilarious. I'm sitting there laughing at it. The things they have me saying about women are just outrageously funny, and they just -- they're over there. You can just see them being mad as hell and they want people to -- to know by virtue of reading the Website just how outrageous and -- [laughter] the things that are said on this program are.

So we have prepared to save them some time and money -- a summary of today's program and arranged it here by topic for the new Lib Web site. Headline “Limbaugh Insults the Ugly.” The transcript says, “The ugly know who you are.” “Limbaugh Makes Weird Sexual Comments.” And this is the typical headline on their Website. “Limbaugh Makes Weird Sexual Comments.” This is what I said. “CNN, I'm telling you, it was a mass orgasm.” No, actually it was mass foreplay. They were hoping they were going to have an orgasm. They would orgasm if the President would apologize over and over, so it was just mass foreplay because he didn't apologize.

“Limbaugh Encourages Breaking Anti-Smoking Laws.” I can't believe I'm in the so-called greatest city in the world. I'm watching the people in this town cower in fear when a cop car goes by because they've got a cigarette cupped in their hand trying to hide the smoke, trying not to be seen. “Limbaugh Insults the Pope and Catholics.” You know, I drive around in the Rush-mobile here and I open the windows, I've got my cigar puffing in the back, I want it to look like the Pope's been chosen.

“Limbaugh Trashes New Age Psychology.” We can't continue to be not who we are for the rest of our existence just in order to make people like us. This is a question that's born of New Ageists. And this is what they put on the Website as though -- as examples of offensive, outrageous, dangerous stuff, so we just thought we'd try to save them a little time.