Limbaugh: House Republicans Don't Want To Be Speaker “Because Of Having To Deal With Me”

From the October 9 edition of Premiere Radio Netwrorks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH: Robert Costa there says, if you're able to translate that, says that there aren't a whole lot of House Republicans who want to be speaker because of having to deal with me. And what did he say? The demand I would make, and my talk show brethren and sisteren, for aggression -- or aggressiveness, or just simply defending the cause! Standing up for it, they don't want that.


Anyway, that's Robert Costa, and you know, there's probably more truth to this than not. Even though it was on C-SPAN and nobody heard it. There probably is, within the Republican caucus, some trepidation over having to deal with -- you know talk radio, it's a euphemism. Talk radio means the base of the party. Talk radio means the grassroots. Talk radio means Tea Party, what have you. It means the people out there who make this country work. It means people outside Washington. Talk radio just become a code phrase to use, to either signify me -- or, in larger measure, to signify the entire Republican grassroots base.


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