Limbaugh: “Hillary Clinton Has Never Been Off Of Her Husband’s Coattails … Never Gotten A Job, A Position That Wasn't Due To Bill”

From the May 2 edition of Premiere Radio Network's The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): So let's go back to this, Hillary Clinton thing -- there's one thing that I think we have to point out before we actually start dissecting this “off the reservation” comment. She's dealt with all kinds of men who have been off the reservation. There's one thing that we know for sure. Now some of you, now I bet even some of you in the audience who are women are -- might be offended at this, but only if you take it personally, and I would caution you not to. This is specific about Hillary and not women. It's specifically about her. “Off the reservation,” maybe, but one thing that we know is that Hillary Clinton has never been off of her husband's coattails. In fact, Hillary Clinton has never gotten a job, a position, that wasn't due to Bill. That was not due to her husband. I mean, she marries Bill. She knowingly gives up on her own life and career path and decides to hitch up with Clinton for whatever reasons but among those we know that she intended to follow everywhere he went and take over at various stages. And to make his career hers. And then as he cheats and goes off that reservation, she stands by him, thereby indebting herself to him and the Democrat Party for as long as she lives. By not leaving, by not even blaming him, by trying to blame the vast right-wing conspiracy, she makes sure that Clinton's reputation holds. She makes sure that Clinton doesn't have to resign. Through all of the women, I don’t care, from Jennifer Flowers, to Kathleen Willey, to Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky. All of them. Hillary is in there. She’s the insurance policy, then she happily signed it. She did everything she could to ensure that Bill Clinton was never going anywhere but up. So she moves to Arkansas, that 's the last thing someone who goes to Vassar wants to do. Or Smith or Wellesley. That's the last thing, you wanna go to Arkansas for cryin' out loud? That's like going to Mississippi. That's like going to slave central, you don't wanna -- what the hell is this? But she did it. She sucked it up, and she went down there, and she got a gig at the Arkansas law school. Well, yeah, her husband's gonna be the future governor now how else -- was the governor -- and then she gets hired to the Rose Law Firm when he became Attorney General. You think that would have happened otherwise? She made partner at Rose Law Firm when Clinton was elected governor. And on and on and on it goes. One of the reasons Hillary went to Arkansas, people forget that she could not pass the bar exam in the District of Columbia. Probably because it was discriminatory. Probably because it was biased against women. Probably because all these you know social things constructed to make it tougher and tougher for women. In her world that's what feminists of her era believed. She had been fired from the Watergate Committee because she wanted to deny Richard Nixon due process during the hearings, so the Democrats on the Watergate Committee got rid of her. She literally has never been off of Bill Clinton's coattails, and by the same token, Bill Clinton has never been off the reservation when it comes to advancing her career. They're glued together, they're inextricably tied. So when she comes out and starts talking about how she's dealt with all these men that have gone off the reservation, it's entirely possible that she was not referring to being cheated on. It could be, and 100 percent of the people who hear it probably don't think that, but it's entirely possible that she was referring to all of these men that she's had to deal with as a feminist. All these rakish, chauvinists, know-it-alls, telling off-color jokes in her -- whatever offensive male behavior she's had to put up with. All of these men going off the reservation. She had to deal with them all. College, the Rose Law Firm, state government in Arkansas, federal government, she's activist first lady, here she is giving healthcare as a payback for all the things that she has enabled Bill to do. I mean, his testicles been in a lock box ever since they got to Arkansas, and that's the point. So, she wants healthcare when they get to Washington, she gets healthcare. She botched that. And of course, that was all the men's fault. She had to deal with all those men in the congressional committees. And all -- especially those rascally Republican guys who show her no respect.


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