Limbaugh Floats Conspiracy That The “Two Black Babes” Supporting Trump Are “Stealth Democrats” Trying To Sabotage GOP

From the March 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): Back to this massive switch of voters in Pennsylvania. Ditch and Switch is the name of this so-called organic movement of so-called -- so far it's 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats registering as Republicans. There's a name for the movement. It's called Ditch and Switch. And of course I asked the question, is this real, is this a stealth Democrat Operation Chaos, or is it genuine? Because it's happening in Pennsylvania, it's happening in Ohio, it's happening in Illinois. And of course it's happening elsewhere, but these are -- now people are actually counting it and categorizing it. Everybody knows that [Donald] Trump is attracting white, working-class Democrats, independents, moderates and so forth.

Well it turns out -- you know those two black babes that do the funny videos for Trump? Diamond and Silk are their names. Well it turns out, and I don't know if this is the same thing, but it turns out back on September 28th of 2015, they created a website called Ditch and Switch Now, and the purpose of it is to vote for Donald Trump in the primaries. And, again, that's from Diamond and Silk. These two hilarious black women who do the videos for Trump. They announced that there was a website,, and the purpose was to switch to Republican vote for Donald Trump in the primaries. Obviously it would be targeted at Democrats and African-Americans because that's who these two babes are. Now I don't know if it's the same thing. It would be coincidental if not, that these two babes come up with a website and an organization called Ditch and Switch and then this 46,000 number of Democrats switching to Republicans in Pennsylvania has a name and the name is Ditch and Switch.

So if my suspicions have any credence, we would then have to assume or conclude that these two black babes doing the videos for Trump, Diamond and Silk, we'd have to conclude that they are stealth Democrats, and that they have been at this since September, running an Operation Chaos. Now note also that the Ditch and Switch movement, Ditch and Switch website, is actually aimed at primaries. Not to say it wouldn't bleed over to the general election. But I was able to find that, so there is a connection, Ditch and Switch -- the name in Pennsylvania of Democrats registering as Republicans -- to a website set up by Diamond and Silk.


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