Limbaugh Flashback: Rush repeatedly referred to Clinton administration “invasion” of Waco in 1990s

Rush Limbaugh regularly referred to the “Waco invasion” in 1990s (all transcripts via Nexis):

April 21, 1993: “January 14th that was, where I predicted, You wait. You are going to get blindsided with the fact that there is no character, no soul in this presidency.' And so let's remind you what we showed you on our most recent program. This is during the day on Monday, during the Waco invasion as orchestrated by this administration. Here is this administration, full-fledged character on display, as they attempt to deal with it. Take a look.”

May 3, 1993: “Thank you so much. All right. Now we've got to go here. We've got to go. We have a--we have a lot to do in this segment and it--and it's--a lot of it is really already done. We need to go back to last Thursday night, take a look at this and watch it and listen to it very carefully. This is John Conyers vs. Janet Reno, congressional hearing over the Waco invasion, and we're going to just roll the tape from the show as it aired Thursday night with my comments leading in and my comments leading out.”

June 27, 1994: “On this program we played tapes of congressional hearings into the Waco invasion--the David Koresh bunch down there.”

April 26, 1995: “Now we've got something here by popular demand. As you know, on--on yesterday's program, I referred to John Conyers and Janet Reno going at it during the congressional hearings over Waco. We didn't have time to show you that actual event because it was what happened afterwards that--that was important. People have said, Please, let us see it again. We've forgotten, and Waco is so much in the news.' So we're just get--it takes a couple minutes, but here is how it went with John Conyers and Janet Reno, congressional hearings after the Waco invasion.

May 22, 1995: “It's kind of like--kind of like when the Waco invasion, with all due apology, sir--when the--when--when the Waco invasion occurred--remember that? Clinton said, Well, hey, I--talk to Janet Reno. I didn't know anything about it.' Do you remember? So it's the same thing that happened here. It's identical.”

May 23, 1995: “Now take a look at this headline. My friends, I wonder what your first reaction to this is. This is The Washington Times, Tuesday morning. Foster--it says Vince Foster felt Waco debacle was his fault. Widow says Clinton aide expressed regret over his role in planning raid.' Now you read the story and you find out that, for the first time--I mean, it's never been speculated that one of the reasons Vince Foster might have taken his life was that he was involved in the Waco invasion or that he somehow felt responsible for it. But The Washington Times obtained a copy of an FBI interview with his widow named Lisa, and it was--in--in the interview she says that her husband had a great deal of stress because of the Waco standoff and he was horrified when the site burned and all those children were killed. He thought it was his fault.”

August 1, 1995: “Now they had some hearings today--continued hearings on the Waco invasion--that was Janet Reno, ladies and gentlemen, and--did you hear that? Did people hear that? Without--I haven't had enough time because her testimony only ended moments ago--I haven't had time to analyze everything that she said today; I haven't even had a chance to kn--to know everything she said, so we'll save that for later a--as far as the analysis of what she said.”

(Fun fact: Limbaugh's executive producer at the time was Roger Ailes.)

Limbaugh also referred to the “Waco invasion” in 2006.


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