Limbaugh Fires Back At “Leftists” With “No Education” Who “Don’t Understand” His Lesbian Farmer Conspiracy Theory

Rush Limbaugh: People “Think That I Am Some Kind Of Lunatic” To Suggest That Obama Is “Dangling Financial Grants In Front Of LGBTs” To “Go Out And Be Farmers” 

From the August 25 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Alright, look let me take it seriously for a second. I got some emails that I checked during the break. “Rush really, you laugh about it. Why are they mad at you over this lesbian farmer story?” And they are. If you read this New York Daily News story, I'm sorry I couldn't stop laughing. I know it's frustrating to listen to somebody laugh as though they've lost their composure. I thought I did a good job of regaining my composure in a decent amount of time. Here's the real reason they're mad, folks, and I think it makes the point that I've always made. The reason they’re mad, they think it is stupid, they think it is, what's the word, conspiratorial, kooky,whatever, to think that Obama and the Democrats would dangle money in front of lesbians to have them become farmers and go to rural areas where mostly conservatives live. They think that's the stupidest thing they've ever heard. And why do they think that? Because, well, A. they're leftists and they're young millennials, and they have no -- they have had no education, they’ve had no instruction in ideology. They don't know what liberalism is. They don't know how liberals work. They haven't the slightest idea when somebody likes me comes along and makes a statement like I made. Yup, Obama, USDA, dangling financial grants in front of LGBTs, lesbians included, encourage them to take the money and go out and be farmers. OK, that's one thing. But then to tell people why, that's where they “How dare he think this is just about invading conservative --” because they have never been instructed, taught, conditioned to understand liberalism. They think they know what conservatism is because it’s bashed all the time. But liberalism is something that they've not had any instruction in. They have no understanding of the politics, of the ideology, of liberalism. So, as millennials who are afraid of controversy and need safe spaces, they just -- they react in outrage to something that they don't understand and think that I am some kind of lunatic, when, in fact, if they would listen to me and just take a moment to investigate what I'm saying, they might actually learn something.


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