Limbaugh: Feminism Was One Of The “Worst Eruptions In Our Society”

Limbaugh: “All Kinds Of Horrible Rotten Things Happened With Just The Advent ... Of Feminism”

From the March 3 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I really think folks that what we're witnessing here is a pent up, it may be over the top, I think it's a pent up reaction to the censorship that has gone on in this country for thirty years, that it's rooted in political correctness. I'm not saying that from the standpoint that of a Trump attribute that he blows it to smithereens. He does, but I'm not saying this as a means of supporting Trump. I think this is bigger than Trump in this sense, that this stuff is happening in a presidential debate and not being condemned. I think there are people you cannot understand, at least these people can't, who have been fed up for the longest time, since the modern era of feminism hit. People will never understand this unless somebody takes time to explain it to them. The modern era of feminism was one of most transformative for the worst eruptions in our society that has happened in my lifetime. It totally, totally attempted to obliterate human nature. It took a bunch of central authoritarians, using the power of government to enforce speech codes, behavioral codes that were in direct violation of human nature. What was standard ordinary just good back and forth between men and women ended up becoming criminalized. Fathers became known as predators, they were not allowed to even see their own children in many cases. They were never granted custody. All kinds of horrible rotten things  happened with just the advent, the modern era of feminism.


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