Limbaugh: EPA's Climate Rule Would Bring Us “Back To The Stone Age”

Limbaugh Celebrates Supreme Court Decision To Temporarily Halt “Mind Boggling” Clean Power Plan

From the February 10 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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RUSH LIMBAUGH: Something pretty big happened yesterday. And I was reading my little tech blog geeks last night and they're fit to be tied. They're depressed, they're angry, they're just besides themselves over the Supreme Court putting a stop to Obama's plan to dramatically reduce carbon emissions as it's reported. That's not what Obama's plan was. Obama's plan was a massive, massive tax increase. Here's what happened. The Supreme Court placed a temporary stay or a halt on a wide-reaching plan to curb carbon emissions from power plants in what's described as a major setback to the regime's plan to shift the U.S. to clean energy. It was a 5-4 decision. Supreme Court granted a stay to opponents of the EPA's Clean Power Plan.

Now get this: the Clean Power Plan aims to cut carbon pollution 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. That's not possible, not without going back to the Stone Age. It literally is not possible. You couldn't do that without shutting down the engine of the United States and world economy. You could not do it. But that doesn't matter. You could try. You could start raising taxes, you could punish people for carbon usage, you could start getting into the act of trading carbon vouchers and permits and you could create all kinds of new revenue streams and taxes in your objective to get to that, but you could never do this. States would have to limit their use of coal-fired power plants to accomplish this, or else shift over to more efficient technologies at their coal plants. They couldn't be done. Thirty percent below 2005? It's not possible. It simply isn't -- for one thing, you'd have to stop human beings from exhaling. It's mind boggling.


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